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Configure Exchange Profile for Outlook

Configuring mailbox is one of the essential needs for every enterprise. Configuring Exchange profile for outlook users consumes a lot of time and involves effort. Endpoint Central helps you in automating this by creating a configuration to create/delete the exchange profile for outlook users.

Creating Exchanging Profile

Configuring mail communication is the first task that needs to be performed for every new user. This routine task can be simplified using this feature. You can choose to create the exchange profile for all outlook users by creating a configuration from Configurations -> Outlook Exchange Profile. You will have to specify the following information:

  • Profile Name : Display name of the profile. When you create a profile, you can choose to set the newly created profile as default. You can also choose to overwrite the existing profiles if any, exists with the same name.
  • Server Name : Name of the Outlook Server, this should be a FQDN or DNS
  • User Name : Specify the name of the user for the outlook profile.
  • Exchange Account : The name of the exchange account, as it is referred.
  • Under Advanced Options, enable 'Use Cached Mode' if you wanted the emails to be downloaded on the user's computers. You can also specify, what type of contents should be downloaded and the location to store it.
  • It is always recommended to encrypt the communication between MS Outlook and MS Exchange. Additionally, you can choose to prompt for login credentials by specifying the logon network authentication.
  • Specify the mode as either HTTP or HTTPS. Specify the proxy URL, principal name (the only name with which it connects in the certificate) and authentication type.

Exchange profile is ready for outlook users, you can choose the target and deploy the configuration. You can see that you have successfully configured exchange profile for outlook users.

Deleting Exchange Profile

When a user moves out of the organization or role, you can choose to delete the exchange profile deployed. You can create a configuration, from Configurations -> Outlook Exchange Profile. You will have to specify the name of the profile, which needs to be deleted and specify the target before deploying the configuration.

You can now see that Exchange profile has been successfully removed from all the target computers.