How to install Endpoint Central on AWS?

For those who wish to ease their server management using Amazon EC2 instance, you can now install Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) on your instance and manage your desktops and mobile devices with ease. To know more about EC2 instances click here.


  1. Ensure that the instance meets the system requirements.
  2. Ensure that the instance's Public IP/DNS is not blocked by any firewall and is accessible to all client computers
  3. Open the ports of Endpoint Central at Amazon security groups for smooth communication between the server and the client computers
  4. Note: The database can be hosted in AWS marketplace. Click here to know the SQL server versions available in AWS.


After purchasing your instance from Amazon web service, you can install Endpoint Central on your instance by refering to this presentation.

You have now successfully installed the Endpoint Central server. To proceed further, you have to install  the Endpoint Central agent on the computers you want to manage. Check out this page know more on installing agents.

Note: When you access Endpoint Central using the public IP/DNS address, note that the "Public IP/DNS address" changes when the instance is stopped/terminated. As Endpoint Central works on a agent-server model, it is recommended to use an Elastic IP address for uninterrupted communication between the server and the client computers. For more details on Elastic IP address click here.

You have now successfully deployed Endpoint Central on Amazon EC2 Instance.