Inventory Scan failure - Asset Scan Locked (or) WMI Connection Failed


You are unable to proceed with manual / scheduled Inventory Scanning and you get an error - "Asset Scan Locked" (or) "WMI Connection Failed", during the process.


You will encounter this error due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Client machine is too slow due to reasons like high CPU/Memory utilization.
  2. WMI is not configured properly.
  3. WMI repository corrupted.


Ensure there is enough RAM space to run the scan

Restart the client machine and try doing the asset scan. The Asset Scan will run smoothly after the restart if the issue was related to CPU/Memory utilization. In case you still have a problem, there may be a WMI related issue.

Eliminate any WMI related issues
Ensure WMI has been configured properly. Use Microsoft’s WMI Diagnosis Utility to diagnose and repair problems with the WMI service.

WMI repository corrupted

Corrupted WMI repository can cause this error, follow the steps mentioned below to re-build the WMI repository;

  1. Go to Start > Run >
  2. type rundll32 wbemupgd to upgrade the repository, (this will happen at the back end and no changes will be notified in the UI)
  3. Go to Run and type services.msc
  4. Select Windows Management Instrumentation service
  5. Stop the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
  6. Then, go to the %Windir%\system32\wbem  folder
  7. rename the Repository folder
  8. Start Windows Management Instrumentation service.
  9. Now, download the assetscanlock.txt and rename it as .vbs
  10. Now, run the assetscanlock.vbs file and then initiate the inventory scan.

You will be able to initiate the inventory scan successfully.

In case you are not able to troubleshoot the error, and the problem still persists, then contact support team with the Log files from Endpoint Central Agent pertaining to the computer where Asset Scan failed.

Applies to: Asset Scan Locked, Software Inventory Tracking, Hardware Inventory Tracking, Asset Management, WMI Connection Failed

Keywords: Asset Scan Locked, Inventory Scan, Asset Scan, Manual Scanning, Scheduled Asset Scan, WMI Connection Failed

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