Provides advanced Security Controls on Samsung Knox Devices

Samsung KNOX provides an effective container level security and management. Samsung KNOX provides complete autonomy for IT admins to accomplish tasks without intruding employees' privacy. With this new combination of Samsung KNOX and Desktop Central MDM, IT team can have precise control on corporate data accessed by employees and provide a flexible mobile device management operations with out compromising on data security.


Desktop Central KNOX support:

Desktop Central MDM solution supports Samsung KNOX to enable IT admin to manage Samsung KNOX devices with advanced features such as automatic activation of KNOX container for employee devices and remotely manage accessibility privileges to the data inside container. With Samsung KNOX compatibility, IT admins can:

  • Configure policies to protect corporate data
  • Deploy required applications in the container
  • Secure the container with robust protection

All these operations can be performed in a single dashboard

KNOX container management:

Desktop Central MDM enables to perform container level management tasks in Samsung KNOX enterprise devices such as:

  • Support for automatic container activation on the device
  • Enforcing security commands such as lock, unlock, and reset password
  • Enforce container pass code
  • Configure corporate email in the container

Data Security:

  • Disabling screen capture
  • Restricting audio and video recording
  • Disable sharing of clipboard content between apps

Application Management:

Desktop Central enables Administrator to perform end-to-end application management operations such as:

  • Silently Push/Remove Applications
  • Block the access to Google Play Store to download or view apps from the container.
  • Restrict the installation/ uninstallation of apps
  • App Restriction apps
  • Report on granular-level details based on apps by devices

Refer to here for details on policies and management capabilities for core Android devices.