How to configure Cisco IOS DHCP server for PXE?

To configure DHCP for ManageEngine OS Deployer PXE server, run the below CLI commands after configuring DHCP server in Cisco router,

  1. next-server <IP address of the machine where Endpoint Central server is installed> (For remote office, specify the IP address of the machine where distribution server of the remote office is installed.)
  2. Example -  Router(dhcp-config)# next-server 172.168.10

  3. bootfile <filename of the target computer's boot sequence>
    • Command for Legacy BIOS -  Router(dhcp-config)# bootfile boot\pxeboot.n12
    • Command for 64-bit UEFI BIOS -  Router(dhcp-config)# bootfile EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi
    • Command for 32-bit UEFI BIOS -  Router(dhcp-config)# bootfile EFI\Boot\bootia32.efi

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