How to install Internet Explorer 8 in client computers that do not have the application installed in them?


This document provides you with steps required to check whether Internet Explorer 8 is installed in the client computers and install the same in the computers that do not have it installed.


To install Internet Explorer 8 on client computers, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Software Deployment tab
  2. Click Add Package
  3. Select Create a Network Share
  4. Click Save and Continue
  5. Select the MSIEXEC\EXE\ISS\Command option
  6. Against the Application Name field, click Select Application
  7. Select IE8 Windows Vista - 32 Bit
  8. Click Select
  9. Enter the following installation command:
    \\Network Share Path\IE8-WindowsVista-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /passive /update-no /norestart
  10. Select the Run the Script before Installing Software option
  11. Click Browse
  12. Select the check-ie8-installed.vbs file
  13. Note: Download the check-ie8-installed.txt file to your computer. Rename the file to check-ie8-installed.vbs.

  14. Click OK

    Note: The following script will be entered in the Script/Sotware name field. The script is %windir%\system32\cscript.exe checkIE8Installed.vbs. This script should be saved in the same directory as your installation file.

  15. Check the Continue installation if the exit code is 0 checkbox
  16. Click Add Package
  17. Select the package you created
  18. In the Actions column, click the Install/Uninstall Software icon
  19. Enter a name and description for the configuration
  20. Select the required deployment settings
  21. Select the required client computers using the Define Target option
  22. Click Deploy

    You will see the All Software Configurations page after the configuration is deployed.

  23. Against the package you created, click on the status link in the Status column

    You can view the summary of the status of your configuration in the Execution Status-Summary section