How to update SQL Credentials used in Desktop Central?

When you have updated your SQL credentials, it is necessary that you update them in Desktop Central as well for smooth working of Desktop Central server. This document will explain the steps to update the SQL credentials used in Desktop Central.

Note : This document is applicable only for Desktop Central server hosted in MSSQL database.


Follow the steps given below to update MS SQL credentials used in Desktop Central,

  1. Stop Desktop Central Server (Right click Desktop Central logo on the Notification area of Task bar and click Stop Service)
  2. Open ChangeDBServer.bat file located in <install_Dir>/DesktopCentral_Server\bin. For example, C:\ProgramFiles\DesktopCentral_Server\bin  
  3. Specify the SQL server's new user name and passoword

    Note: Ensure that the SQL server credential has system admin privileges.

  4. Click test to test if the credentials are valid.
  5. Click Save. Now the credentails will get updated and the Desktop Central server will start automatically.

You have now successfully updated the credentials. 


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