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Adding Microsoft 365 tenant manually

To add a new Office 365 server to SharePoint Manager Plus, you will need the admin tenant URL. Using any other URL than the tenant URL will result in connectivity error. An ideal tenant URL will look like https:// <TenantName> Click here to see how to find Tenant Url

In the pop-up, click on the Add Office 365 link,

  • Provide Admin tenant URL
  • Specify Office 365 admin user credential
Note: At any point of time, you can add additional farm servers by navigating to " Admin → Configuration → Farm Server → Add Farm Server " For Office 365 server addition, navigate to "Admin → Configuration → Office 365 → Add SharePoint Server"

Mandatory permissions required to add a new Office 365 sever:

To add Office 365 server to SharePoint Manager Plus, a user must have the following:

  • Global Administrator permissions of the tenant environment.
  • Site Collection Administrator permissions for all the site collections.


  • Sharepoint Administrator permissions.
  • Exchange Administrator permissions of the tenant¬†
  • Site Collection Administrator permissions for all the site collections.


  • Sharepoint Administrator permission from the M365 admin center.
  • Audit Logs and View-Only Audit Logs roles from the Exchange admin portal.
  • Site Collection Administrator permissions for all the site collections.

How to assign Global Administrator role?

  • Sign in to Office 365
  • Go to Office 365 admin center page
  • Go to Users → Active Users
  • 4.On the Active Users page, select the user who needs to be assigned Global Administrator role, and click Edit .
  • 5.Click Settings. Under Assign role, select Yes. In the drop-down menu that appears, select Global Administrator option and then Save the setting.

How to find the tenant URL?

  • Go to Office 365 Home and choose Admin, from the app launcher icon, which will take you to Admin center preview page
  • Go to Admin center preview → Admin centers → SharePoint which will take you to SharePoint admin center page
  • From the SharePoint admin center page, get the URL from the address bar of the web browser which would typically look like https://<TenantName>
  • Delete everything after '.com ' in the URL to get the tenant URL. So the tenant URL for the above example will look like https://<Tenant Name>

Generating app password for two-factor authentication (TFA)

Certain environments might have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled for their Office 365 account. For such instances, SharePoint Manager Plus supports MFA via Microsoft's app passwords.

  1. To generate an app password,Go to the below link
  2. Enter the username and password of your Office365 account to create the app password.
  3. Enter the app password in SharePoint Manager Plus to complete configuring the Office 365 account.

If you are unable to configure tenants through Microsoft app password method, please try using Azure application method.

Azure Application

Use Azure application method if the account is MFA enabled or conditional access policy is enabled in the Azure portal. Please follow the steps given here to create an Azure application manually.