Integrate your help desk

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SupportCenter Plus Features Integrate your help desk

If you are looking to customize and build a powerful help desk, here's a list of SupportCenter Plus apps that might interest you

SupportCenter Plus Apps

  • twitter-settingsJIRA Integration
  • ServiceDesk Plus integration ServiceDesk Plus Integration
  • Remote Assistance Remote Assistance
  • CTI (computer telephony integration) Telephony Integration
  • Zoho Analytics integration Advanced Analytics Integration
  • Zoho CRM integration Zoho CRM Integration
  • Salesforce CRM integration Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Custom Schedules Custom Schedules

Custom Schedules

Easily schedule your periodic tasks and updates.

Certain business activities need to be invoked periodically. Effortlessly add the actions to be triggered and they are automatically scheduled and spaced over the specified time. Empower your help desk with Custom Schedules integration that enables automatic periodic updates.

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