Request Tracking and Automation

Monitor and manage your request traffic like a pro.
SupportCenter Plus Features Request Tracking and Automation

Have requests violated the SLA before you even knew about them? Worry no more! With SupportCenter Plus’ extensive request tracking functionality and automated workflows, you can track all your requests to overcome hiccups in request management, and ensure best-in-class customer support.

Customize and automate request workflows. Step up on request management.

  • Allow emails to be converted to requests automatically or import them as csv files.
  • Organize requests into categories and groups, and route them to the right technician using business rules.
  • View details and history of requests, and stay up to date on their status.
  • Customize your request templates with additional fields and get the required information from customers.
  • Meet SLAs with automatic SLA status notifications.
  • Access remote assistance from within a request.
  • View the time spent on a request by each technician for easy and accurate billing.
Automated tracking system
Request tracking software

Enable automatic email responses. Bring down response and resolution times.

  • Route requests to specific business units using "mail configuration."
  • Be alerted about the statuses of requests, new emails from customers, or SLA violation statuses.
  • Configure the spam filter to avoid having unwanted emails turn into requests.
  • Add canned responses for easy email replies.
  • Insert solutions from the knowledge base in email responses for faster request closure.
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