Products Comparison

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus Vs.Commvault Active Directory iDataAgent

Key Features Advanced Backup Options
Feature ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus Commvault Active Directory iDataAgent
AD Users backup & recovery
AD Groups backup & recovery
AD GPOs backup & recovery
AD OUs backup & recovery
AD DNS backup & recovery
AD Computers backup & recovery
AD Contacts backup & recovery
User’s Exchange Attributes backup & recovery
Group Membership backup & recovery
Custom Attributes backup & recovery (Extended schema attributes)
AD Rollback
Recycle Bin
(does not require domain functional level to be set at 2008 R2)
Feature ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus Commvault Active Directory iDataAgent
Multiple Domain Support
Backup Scheduler
Incremental Backups
Backup Retention
Non-admin operators (Technicians)
Attribute Level Restoration
Forced Replication after Recovering Linked Objects
Version Management
Version comparision
Backup Notifications
Restart Free Recovery

* Comparison done based on the information available in the competitor's website. Details may vary with the real product.

Licensing and Pricing:

RecoveryManager Plus is licensed based only on the number of users backed up. It is priced affordably at USD 475 for 250 Domain Users annually. You can also opt for a Perpetual Licensing model. Commvault Active Directory iDataAgent has two licensing patterns; a traditional licensing pattern based upon products and features in your CommCell, and a capacity licensing pattern based on the amount of data backed up.


From the above comparison, it is clear that RecoveryManager Plus clearly trumps Commvault iDataAgent when it comes to backing up and restoring your Active Directory environment. GPOs play a very vital role in Active Directory administration and the absence of a quick way to restore deleted GPOs makes RecoveryManager Plus better than Commvault iDataAgent. In addition, with the ability to backup and restore extended schema attributes, RecoveryManager Plus presents itself as a superior alternative.

Note: This document is for comparative purposes only. All the information mentioned here is based on the documents/data available on the competitor’s website. The information provided might vary in the actual product.

Get RecoveryManager Plus and rest easy knowing your AD is insured against disasters.

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