Active Directory Recovery Manager

Why Should I Backup My Active Directory?

Active Directory is a crucial part of any organization regardless of its size. Downtimes due to accidental deletion or modification cause businesses to lose more than just business but the trust of their customers too. And the scary truth is that downtimes are not an uncommon occurrence too!

According to this survey conducted among 250 businesses, 44% of those surveyed have experienced accidental deletion or modification of Active Directory disrupting the routine working. The causes attributed to these accidents vary from power shortages and natural disaster to hardware failures and accidental deletions. A 30% productivity loss accompanied these disasters and up to 15% of the deleted data were never recovered back! A complete backup of your Active Directory, if available, would be your best bet to minimize downtimes.

RecoveryManager Plus is one such web-based Active Directory backup and restoration solution that enables you to back up your entire Active Directory data. It is a comprehensive backup and restoration software that lets you recover deleted objects, either partially or completely, or rollback to a time before the AD mishap.

Why RecoveryManager Plus?

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can backup and restore:

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to backup and restore other AD objects like computers, contacts and more in addition to the above-mentioned objects.

Key features of RecoveryManager Plus

With native tools, backup and restore operations of Active Directory can turn out to be a tedious task disrupting identity and access management. On the contrary, the RecoveryManager Plus utility simplifies AD backup and restoration and promises complete system availability almost immediately. Administrators can now have complete control over the changes happening in the AD environment and can direct their efforts in keeping the entire AD system consistent, accessible and operational.

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery Management