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Google Workspace provides limited functionalities to protect against simple, common issues such as accidental deletion of data, and more malicious activities like ransomware attacks. It only provides a Recycle Bin from which users can recover deleted objects, but the data in the Recycle Bin is automatically deleted after 30 days. This is one reason why you need a complete Google Workspace backup and recovery solution like ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can back up all items in your Gmail (including all emails, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks), Calendar, and User Drive data. You can use these backups to restore any data when necessary, irrespective of when the data was deleted.

What can RecoveryManager Plus accomplish?

Comprehensive mailbox backup

Back up all items in your Google mailboxes, including all emails, calendar entries, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks.

Personal Google account backup

Back up not just organizational accounts, but also your personal Google account.

Item-level restoration

Restore individual mailbox items, calendar events, or even a single Google Drive file.

Schedule backups

Schedule your backups to happen during non-business hours to minimize the load on your network.

Google user drive backup

Back up all files and folders in your user's drive and restore them when needed.

Multiple backup storage options

Store Google Workspace backups within your premises, or in your Azure Blob Storage and Azure file shares.

Backup retention

Define a retention period for your Google Workspace backups, and automatically discard older backups.


Compress backups to one-third of their original size to save storage space.

Multiple domain support

Add multiple Google Workspace domains to RecoveryManager Plus, and back up all from a single console.

Incremental backups

Back up just the changes made to your users' mailboxes and drives since the last backup cycle.

Restoration preview

Preview content, attachments, and documents from Google Workspace backups before restoring them.


Secure your Google Workspace backups with AES-256 encryption.

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