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ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus is a secure, web–based, easy to use enterprise backup and restoration management software. This software helps administrators backup and restore Active Directory and virtual machines via a single, centralized management console. Moreover, it allows administrators to perform automated incremental backups, compress backups to 25% of their original size, and define a retention period for backups of both Active Directory and virtual machines.

Moreover, when it comes to Active Directory restoration, it provides administrators the option to perform granular restoration (object level and attribute level restorations), rollback of AD to a specific point in history, and effective version management for any changes made to AD objects.

No. of User ObjectsStandard Edition
250 User Objects $395
500 User Objects $595
1000 User Objects $995
1500 User Objects $1,495
2000 User Objects $1,795
3000 User Objects $1,995
5000 User Objects $2,795
10000 User Objects $4,995
20000 User Objects $5,495
50000 User Objects $6,995
100000 User Objects $11995
200000 User Objects $17995
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icon-rmp-right Unrestricted backup and recovery for deleted Objects
icon-rmp-right Manage all objects in a single domain
icon-rmp-right Configure weekly backup schedule
icon-rmp-wrong No instant backup
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Note: Licensing is only based on the number of User objects (No restriction on Groups, Computers, etc.,)

Pricing FAQs:

How is RecoveryManager Plus licensed?
Through annual subscriptions based on the number of user objects in the domain.
Should I have to get different licenses for my groups and my computers?
Not necessary; licenses are given based on the number of domain users and not other AD objects.
Does the license include inactive users such as the disabled users and account expired users?
By default, RecoveryManager Plus backs up all user objects, including disabled and account expired users. However, the inactive users can be excluded from the license.
How many object licenses can I purchase?
To know the number of user objects that you can purchase, click the license link after logging on to RecoveryManager Plus.
Is there an option to back up only specific user objects?
Yes, you can specify the organizational units on which you want to perform the backup operation.

For any other queries, please write to support request; we'll be happy to help.

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