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As an organization scales its digital security, possessing thousands of certificates becomes tedious, yet inevitable. Since SSL/TLS certificates are prone to end-server vulnerabilities and man-in-the-middle attacks, burgeoning organizations need to extensively monitor their entire certificate infrastructure, ensuring that it is updated regularly to maintain certificate security, validity, and ownership.

Key Manager Plus securely maintains every discovered, created, issued, and imported certificate in one central repository. Admins can easily access the certificates and perform the required operations directly from the repository in just a few clicks.

Perform bulk operations on certificate groups

Performing bulk operations on multiple certificates won't be daunting anymore, thanks to certificate groups. Key Manager Plus allows you to create different groups of certificates which could be deployed in specific locations.

Seamlessly sign certificates with custom CAs

Key Manager Plus provides you with the flexibility to create your own custom CA root certificates. The root certificates are stored autonomously, and admins can use them to sign locally generated certificate requests.

ssl certs inventory
Custom CA root certificates

Scan and remediate vulnerabilities

With Key Manager Plus, you can automate periodic scanning of certificates. Key Manager Plus follows best practices to keep SSL/TLS vulnerabilities at bay. It retrieves CRL and OCSP statuses, checks for Poodle and Heartbleed vulnerabilities, and flags the unsafe certificates. SSL 3.0 is completely disabled in Key Manager Plus to prevent weak cipher vulnerabilities.