Key Manager Plus » Features » Consolidate, store, and regulate access to SSH resources

As an organization grows, it's only natural for its SSH keys to multiply exponentially. A centralized key inventory can help gain control of all the deployed keys, and prevent haphazard management. Key Manager Plus consolidates and maintains all the resources that are discovered, imported, and created in one central inventory with fine-grained access control workflows.

Since the encrypted private keys and passphrases are stored in this central repository, admins can access the servers only via Key Manager Plus, thus making it the exclusive SSH key gateway. Also, it could restrict certain users, if required, thereby authenticating users for remote access.

Get a holistic view of all the keys

Siloed processes could be cumbersome and might result in security risks. Even if one key gets compromised, it gives attackers the ability to bring down the entire network. With Key Manager Plus, you can easily access all keys and perform required operations on them from a unified platform. Identify the ownership and status of each key, view each key's history, import and export keys and credentials—all from a single place.

Centralized ssh key management
Centralized SSH key management

Curb the risk of orphaned keys

Orphaned keys are left behind when a user leaves an organization without disassociating the related keys. Also, when a user still has access to sensitive keys even after their privileged access ceases, it results in misuse of keys. Key Manager Plus takes care of it promptly by automatically disassociating the keys when a user account gets deleted. Using its key-user account relationship mapping, it can easily identify and delete the unused keys in the network.

Stay on top of user activities

Administrators need to be able to detect anomalies quickly and take appropriate remedial actions to stay away from the risk of key compromise. Key Manager Plus tracks each user's activity and records their trails along with timestamps. It also has dedicated audit pages for Key Rotation, Key Association, Discovery, and Schedule operations to capture every detail of the activity performed.