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For any scaling organization with multiple subdomains, wildcard certificates are the future-proof way of securing their resources. A single private key is commonly used for a wildcard certificate, and if that key gets compromised, then all of its corresponding subdomains can easily become susceptible to vulnerabilities. The deployed wildcard certificates need to be validated periodically to preserve their security.

Key Manager Plus streamlines the deployment of wildcard certificates in multiple servers. It provides you with an efficient way to deploy all your certificates in the required target machine. Stay well-informed about your deployments with analytical reports that are generated periodically.

Deploy certificates automatically

Key Manager Plus automates the deployment of certificates in a desired location directly from its interface. Using agents, you can deploy the certificates on target machines residing in inaccessible demilitarized zones. Key Manager Plus allows you to deploy your certificates on any browser, IIS server, or platform-agnostic machine, as well as on AWS, the MS-Certificate Store, or an MDM. It enables multi-server deployment of a certificate as well as deploying a group of certificates in one target machine.

Secure your wildcard certificates

Organizations typically opt for wildcard certificates since they are more cost-effective than procuring, installing, and renewing a slew of certificates for each subdomain. Key Manager Plus enables you to deploy a wildcard certificate on multiple servers. To ensure only the latest version of the certificate is deployed on all the servers, Key Manager Plus automatically performs periodic synchronization checks.

Deploy wildcard ssl certificate
Wildcard certificate deployment

Create your own certificates with ease

Key Manager Plus automates the creation of self-signed certificates, without requiring any command execution. They are securely maintained and monitored in the central repository. With the help of standardized templates, you can quickly create certificates signed with your private key.