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With the evolution of Microsoft Microsoft 365, ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus has integrated Microsoft 365 mailboxes with the Exchange Server. Users can easily get access to their mailboxes on the go. But as the access window widens, due attention must be given to manage Microsoft 365 mailbox activities. Admins, over the years, have adapted to the evolving technology, and been able to find smart ways to handle novel tasks. Managing Microsoft 365 mailboxes isn’t necessarily a tedious job; however, it requires frequent visits to ensure efficient capacity planning. ManageEngine has developed this web-based reporting software that provides various parameters, generated in Microsoft 365 Mailbox Size Reports, to analyze mailbox size-related details.

Besides sparing you the time and effort to query scripts on PowerShell or run native AD tools, Exchange Reporter Plus creates a synchronisation between your Active Directory and Windows Exchange server. This allows tracking of mailbox activities and displays the following reports in real-time.

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Microsoft 365 Mailbox Size

Microsoft 365 Mailbox Size

This report returns the current list of all Microsoft 365 mailboxes in an Exchange organization, and their respective sizes and counts. Mailbox size is displayed for the current time, by default.

The report also offers statistical data. It sorts the top 10 mailboxes by size and displays the same on a bar graph. Furthermore, each of the bars show mailbox-specific information, such as mailbox name and size.

Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes

This report lists the names of all the Microsoft 365 mailboxes that have been archived locally. It also displays metrics such as the size of the archive, quota assigned to the archive, and archive warning based on quota consumption.

Microsoft 365 mailbox size reports help in efficient capacity planning and support administrative decisions, thereby ensuring smooth operation for the Exchange administrator. Microsoft 365 reports come in handy for users looking for general information about online mailboxes. These reports bring mailbox size-related details to the surface and aid effective mailbox management, with fewer metrics to monitor. These reports can also be exported to any desired folder in CSV, XLS (Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML format.


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