Reporting and auditing features for hybrid Exchange deployment

With the high maintenance costs and risk of data loss involved in maintaining an on-premises server, many organizations are moving towards Exchange Online. While there are a lot of reporting and auditing tools for Exchange Server and Exchange Online in the market, very few of these tools facilitate both on-premises and cloud deployment. If you have a hybrid Exchange environment, you have to rely on PowerShell scripts to generate the audit data you need.

Exchange Reporter Plus stands out from the crowd by providing reporting and auditing features for both on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online. It provides granular audit reports on all possible email and user activities, all without any scripting.

General reports on hybrid Exchange infrastructure

Exchange Reporter Plus provides an exhaustive list of reports on on-premises Exchange Server. It also provides out-of-the-box reports on Exchange Online. Export reports to PDF, HTML, XLS, or CSV formats and have them emailed to administrators. Exchange Reporter Plus offers the following categories of reports for Exchange Online:

  • Mailbox Reports: View details on mailbox users, inactive users, hidden mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and more. Subcategories include reports on mailbox size, mail content, and account status.
  • Mail Traffic Reports: Identify the top senders and recipients, top spam and malware recipients, transport and DLP policy matches, and more. View a summary of all email traffic and user and group activity. Includes a subcategory called Non-Delivery Reports which provides you with information on undelivered emails (e.g. due to size), emails sent to invalid addresses, and more.
  • OWA & Mobile Reports: Monitor the users who work on the go by tracking OWA logons by browsers, OS, and users; mobile devices by OS, client, and policy; the ActiveSync status of mobile devices; and more.
  • Other Exchange Reports: Monitor other Exchange Online features like shared mailboxes, room mailboxes, public folders, distribution lists, and calendars.

Audit reports for hybrid Exchange environment

Auditing helps admins keep malicious activities in check and comply with various industrial mandates like PCI, SOX, HIPPA, and GLBA. Exchange Reporter Plus' audit reports are highly detailed to make sure nothing escapes your attention.

Exchange Reporter Plus provides a separate set of reports for auditing both on-premises and cloud Exchange servers. Schedule, export, and email audit log reports to administrators in PDF, HTML, XML, or CSV formats. You can read about the audit reports available for on-premises Exchange Server here.

Use Exchange Reporter Plus' Exchange Online auditing feature to:

  • Track accesses and changes made to mailbox properties by administrators, delegates, mailbox owners, and non-owners.
  • Monitor user and administrator activities in Exchange Online groups, including group delegations, emails sent as groups, and more.
  • View activities pertaining to contacts and public folders.

Audit important components of Exchange Online, including:

  • Exchange users
  • Mailboxes
  • Mailbox permissions
  • Mailflow
  • Mail contacts
  • Public folders
  • Mailbox Move
  • Mail Trace
  • Malware detection
  • Spam detection
  • DLP policy matches
  • Transport rule matches
  • Connector
  • Management roles
  • Calendars


Other features

Audit and report on Exchange Online mailboxes with built-in reports of Exchange Reporter Plus.

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