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For MSPs, having feature-rich MSP software is crucial to effectively managing the diverse requirements of multiple clients. Since client networks can span across different geographical locations, and each client may have unique needs, it is vital that MSPs do not overlook alerts from any client's network while focusing on managing another. Therefore, selecting the best MSP software that helps tackle network issues proactively is of utmost importance for an MSP's business success.

Why do MSPs need the best MSP software to be their mainstay?

Reason to own a best MSP tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

  1. Effective monitoring and management: The best MSP software lets MSPs monitor and manage clients' IT infrastructures in real time. MSPs can prioritize critical metrics to monitor them exclusively. This greatly aids in spotting and resolving issues proactively.
  2. Enhanced security: MSP software can aid in fencing clients' networks to keep security breaches at bay. The software identifies vulnerabilities in advance, implements security measures, and provides security updates and patches in order to repel potential intrusions.
  3. Upgraded productivity and efficiency: With a best MSP tool MSPs can easily automate routine tasks, freeing up their technicians to focus on more strategic, value-adding tasks that require human attention.
  4. A better understanding of the network: With the right MSP software, service providers and clients can be in the know about the real-time statuses of networks, helping them make informed decisions about their business operations and scaling capabilities.
  5. Reduced MTTR and downtime: The best MSP software has intelligent capabilities to allow MSPs to identify and resolve issues way ahead of time, before they cause downtime or snowball to contaminate neighboring devices. This ensures that clients' businesses continue to operate smoothly.
  6. No more unnecessary costs: Service providers can help clients save money as they can easily diagnose inefficiencies with the software's visualizing features and cook up cost-effective solutions for their clients' networks. This also enables MSPs to deliver the best network management services to their clients.

OpManager MSP: The best MSP software!

This MSP tool is specifically tailored to MSPs, offering a wide range of multiclient network management and monitoring features that allow MSPs to oversee the performance, health, and availability of their clients' network devices seamlessly. Additionally, our software can monitor devices from multiple vendors and is compatible with ITSM platforms, making it a powerful tool for managing distributed networks.

With its multi-probe architecture, OpManager MSP allows an MSP to handle multiple clients and have several probes for a single client, making simultaneous management easier. Also, the customization features of this platform help service providers meet the needs of their clients.

Granular visualization of multiclient networks

Best MSP Software - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP, a comprehensive MSP solution for monitoring networks provides the ability to visualize multiple networks at the same time, making it easier for MSP administrators to oversee and handle intricate, widespread client networks. The network visualization features in this best MSP software allows technicians to create virtual replicas of a network's topography as well as customize dashboards and NOC views with just a few, easy, drag-and-drop network diagram builders.

Finer performance monitoring

Best Managed Service Provider Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP, the best managed service provider tool, offers efficient features for MSPs to track the performance, availability, and health of multiple client networks. With OpManager MSP, critical performance metrics can be prioritized and monitored 24/7. MSPs can link performance monitors to devices with ease and get promptly alerted whenever a threshold violation occurs. MSPs can view real-time device performance with OpManager MSP as well.

Automation with IT workflows

Best MSP Automation Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Recurring tasks such as device restarts or periodic server maintenance can be automated without much effort using OpManager MSP. Such tasks sometimes outnumber critical tasks that require human attention, so the right balance of human effort and automation can save a lot of time and resources for MSPs and increase the productivity rate as well. This can also tremendously bring down mishaps caused by human error.

Holistic fault management

Best MSP Solutions Report - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Staying aware of network fault occurrences, such as unexpected outages or reduced performance, is essential for effective network fault management. With our 24/7 software, service providers can identify, resolve, and minimize the consequences of client network issues. The advanced features of OpManager MSP facilitate quick fault isolation, resolve network errors, reduce the MTTR, and help MSPs comply with SLAs.

A seamless ITSM integration

Best MSP Tools - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP integrates with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, our in-house ITSM solution. ServiceDesk Plus is IT help desk software that offers comprehensive asset management, incident management, fault resolution, and problem management features for service providers. With OpManager MSP's integration with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, identifying and resolving faults is simpler as OpManager MSP raises alarms that automatically generate tickets in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. This streamlines the fault resolution process, ensuring that client networks are up and running continuously.

Configuration management that's a cut above

Best Managed Service Provider (MSP) Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

MSPs sometimes forget how important it is to manage configuration changes and comply with the latest industry policies. A faulty configuration change can cause network glitches, and noncompliance can make multiclient networks vulnerable to security threats. OpManager MSP, the best MSP tool, offers comprehensive management capabilities. With this feature MSPs can pinpoint configuration changes, find potential disasters, maintain configuration backups, and stay compliant with industry standards. OpManager MSP periodically scans multiclient networks to spot firmware vulnerabilities and helps fix them by suggesting patches.

Extensive reports

Best MSP Tool for sever health report - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Our effective, feature-rich MSP software has over 100 prebuilt reports that are categorized for easy access. These reports can be used to analyze the performance of network devices for multiple clients, to optimize network performance, and to anticipate and prevent potential network issues. Using OpManager MSP's user-friendly UI, service providers can create custom reports based on their requirements within a few minutes.

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