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In an attempt to focus thoroughly on improving business health and boosting work efficiency, organizations often outsource network management tasks to managed service providers (MSPs). This way, they can eliminate dealing with network problems and troubleshooting themselves, paving the way for the growth of the MSP sector. By relying on MSP services, business owners can save on costs that can occur due to network mishaps, troubleshooting, non-compliance, and more.

The managed services market is anticipated to reach $354.8 billion in five years. Though this is great news for all the service providers out there, it also conveys that MSPs should be aware of how the market runs and stay competitive to sustain their business. Using a suitable multi-client network management platform can be of great help for MSPs.

Challenges faced by service providers without an MSP platform for network management

A best MSP platform for network monitoring and management helps MSPs to handle multiple client networks and keep them chaos-free, regardless of the client count and each client's network size. To fully utilize such a tool, it's important to understand the hurdles service providers generally face in the management process. Some of the challenges are:

  • MSPs have to meet a lot of client requests, resolve a ton of network issues, and also forecast network downtime. One task, like resolving client A's network device malfunction, can get tangled up easily with another task, such as mending client B's network device issue. This can cause serious damage to the MSP's brand name.
  • MSPs can troubleshoot potential issues in clients' networks before they intensify, and ensure clients' businesses operate without any problems. But, resolving issues manually throughout the day can be tiresome, and sometimes MSPs overlook some critical issues affecting the health of the networks they manage.
  • Missing one or two network mishaps not only opens the gate for more network issues and causes outages, but it can make MSPs look bad and increase mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Getting to know the network needs and adjusting the threshold values for critical devices constantly can help MSPs ensure their clients' networks are performing optimally. However, controlling the threshold values of each device manually can be backbreaking, prone to errors, and take up loads of time.
  • Juggling between multiple client networks is a part of a service provider's job. However, too much switching of tools and tabs can be overwhelming and consume a lot of time and energy, making it harder to granularly grasp what is going on in each and every client network device.
  • Network admins making configuration changes to client network devices countless times in multiple networks can sometimes lead to breaches in the multiclient environment. In addition, not complying with the latest industry standards can also make a multiclient environment vulnerable.
  • Intruders spotting and cashing in on firmware vulnerabilities which are yet to be fixed in your clients' networks can be destructive to the network, and affect a client's business and your brand reputation.

How MSPs can leverage the capabilities of OpManager MSP

Customarily, service providers work out a plan to efficiently manage their multiclient atmosphere while fending off network errors and security threats. The cornerstone of a well-oiled multiclient network management strategy is a feature-rich managed service provider platform that streamlines processes and removes the burden off the MSP team as much as possible. ManageEngine OpManager MSP, a holistic managed service provider (MSP) platform is one such tool that can help you bolster your MSP's business.

MSP Platform - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

The capabilities of OpManager MSP include the following:

In-depth visualization

MSP Software - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Various visualization features in this MSP platform help you track client network devices endlessly. Besides that, this holistic MSP tool lets you customize and keep an eye on networks from a single pane of glass with ease. This keeps the MSP team educated about what's going on in the environment.

Exhaustive performance tracking

OpManager MSP, an affordable and user-friendly MSP solution that aids in providing MSPs with thorough knowledge on the performance of each client's network devices. This allows you to fine-tune those devices to reach optimal performance and pinpoint network faults proactively.

Holistic fault management

MSP Platforms - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

This feature-rich MSP platform helps you manage network issues better by providing all the details needed to fix a problem, enabling you to prioritize critical issues and resolve them effortlessly. Alarms can be escalated to higher officials as well, if not straightened out in the precise time specified.

IT workflow automation

MSP Automation Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

With OpManager MSP's workflow automation feature, repetitive, monotonous tasks and troubleshooting tasks which do not require significant human effort can be automated. This saves a lot of resources for the MSP team and allows them to direct their complete attention to value-adding tasks.

Extensive reports

MSP Solutions Report - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP is a granular MSP software that has over 100 reports to help you understand the performance trends of client network devices, deduce how to derive optimal performance, spot a potential disaster and stamp it out proactively, and more. MSPs can easily tailor-make reports based on client needs.

Effective ITSM integration

Download MSP Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Mending network troubles is a crucial and arduous part of an MSP's job. OpManager MSP, an efficient MSP platform, has ITSM integration feature which simplifies the process and helps MSPs to mend problems on the spot. This greatly helps in reducing MTTR.

NCM add-on

MSP Tools - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP's Network Configuration Manager (NCM) add-on aids in keeping up with configuration changes made in your client networks; staying compliant with the latest industry policies such as the PCI DSS, HIPAA, CISCO IOS, SOX, and custom policies; and this MSP platform pinpoints firmware vulnerabilities and aids in applying the relevant patches to secure your multiclient environment from breaches.

Are you new to OpManager MSP or looking for an apt MSP platform for your business? Try OpManager MSP's 30-day, free trial version, or request a personalized demo from our experts right away.


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