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For managed service providers, monitoring multiclient networks, pinning down faults in the devices, and resolving issues can be difficult. Using a multiclient network monitoring tool can streamline and simplify these tasks, help service providers to provide outstanding MSP services, and bolster brand loyalty.

Why is an MSP tool necessary for a managed service provider?

A service provider can achieve the following with the help of MSP tools:

  • Monitor and manage multiple client networks concurrently.
  • Keep an eye on all their clients' network devices without switching between multiple screens and tabs.
  • Automate repetitive mundane tasks and foresee network mishaps.
  • Solve important issues faster by separating critical alarms from a pile of multiclient network alerts.
  • Lower the mean time to repair (MTTR) by taking proactive measures.
  • Meet the differing requirements of clients and comply with SLAs effortlessly.

What makes OpManager MSP an efficient managed service provider (MSP) tool?

The best MSP tool for business should bolster an MSP's multiclient network management strategy, boost the efficiency rate, and bring down operational costs. ManageEngine OpManager MSP is an holistic MSP software for multiclient network monitoring and management, which provides relevant features to help service providers accomplish all of this and more.

MSP Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

The advantages of using OpManager MSP, an efficient MSP platform:

Meticulous visibility

MSP Software - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

MSPs can gain comprehensive visibility across the multiclient environment with OpManager MSP's powerful visualization features. This MSP tool provides granular visibility into clients' networks, including device level, business level, geographic level, and network-issue level visibility. With this amount of visibility, service providers will never miss a potential mishap, regardless of how many client networks they manage or number of alerts that are raised.

Exhaustive fault management

MSP Platforms - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

In a network made of several devices, a single mishap in a critical device can cause a rippling effect throughout the multiclient environment. This can accelerate into device or network downtime in seconds. OpManager MSP, a powerful MSP solution aids technician teams to spot an incident, analyze its root cause, and resolve it swiftly. With OpManager MSP's AI-powered adaptive thresholds feature, switching the threshold value to optimize the performance of devices is made easy.

ITSM integration

Download MSP Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Monitoring the multiclient environment around the clock and identifying any potential network issues is just one part of an MSP's job. The other is resolving issues holistically. Using one managed service provider (MSP) tool to manage the alarms raised in client networks and then a different tool to troubleshoot them can be tedious and lead to siloed data. OpManager MSP's integration with an in-house ITSM tool can come to your rescue, helping to streamline the process of identifying issues, creating tickets, and handling them efficiently.

IT workflow automation

MSP Automation Tool - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Periodic tasks such as restarting devices or server maintenance don't always require human attention. Such manual tasks can outnumber a network admin's more valuable tasks. Occasionally, a serious network issue that is in need of immediate troubleshooting can go hidden behind a bevy of common alerts. This is why it is always recommended to automate as many tasks as possible. Moreover, automating repetitive tasks can improve productivity while reducing human error.

Out-of-the-box reports

MSP Solutions Report - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

It is important for an MSP to analyze historical data and predict growth trends. This can help to optimize the performance of client network devices and boost their business growth with ease. With OpManager MSP's extensive, customizable reports, service providers can effortlessly analyze and foresee performance setbacks and network faults. This helps them to proactively ward-off mishaps and keep their multiclient network environment disaster-free.

Holistic multiclient network configuration management

MSP Tools - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Keeping an eye on configuration changes made by the MSP team, scanning the network periodically for firmware vulnerabilities, and complying with the latest industry policies can seem like trivial chores, but ignoring them can wreck havoc on your multiclient networks. With OpManager MSP's NCM add-on, MSPs can manage clients' networks configuration changes and compliance, and also apply suggested patches to eliminate firmware vulnerabilities.

Are network faults in your clients' networks bogging you down from providing optimal customer service? ManageEngine OpManager MSP can fix this problem. With this feature-rich managed service provider tool in your pocket, you can oversee client networks 24/7 and guard them against device failures and performance bottlenecks.

Want to gain hands-on experience with our managed service provider (MSP) tool? Try OpManager MSP's 30-day, free trial right away!


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