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Many organizations these days seek out managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor their networks and maintain business continuity. MSPs can attend to the varying needs of clients, are equipped enough to resolve network issues proactively, and keep the client networks up and running. However, to fulfill these tasks, it is critical for MSPs to keep up with technological advancements, trends, and security threats. Above all, having an efficient MSP solution for multiclient network monitoring and management greatly helps MSPs deliver exceptional services to their clients.

Why is it important to own MSP solution?

Securing a multiclient environment from mishaps 24/7 is arduous for an MSP. Taking a proactive approach to warding off network mishaps and downtime is critical. MSPs require an MSP solutions to carry out their properly planned, proactive, multiclient network management strategy.

It is important to own MSP solutions for the following reasons:

  1. Managing multiple client networks involves constantly monitoring all the client networks for any interruptions or performance setbacks. With the help of an MSP solution, you can eliminate the need to switch between multiple dashboards to know the intricate details about each of the client network devices.

  2. As MSP teams are comprised of a lot of people, giving them all access to all your clients' network information can cause data breaches. MSP solutions eliminates this problem effortlessly by providing access only to the relevant data based on the operation that each individual from the MSP team carries out.

  3. With an MSP platform to help out the network team, you can increase client network uptime. Potential network problems can be filtered and resolved easily. For example, network bottlenecks and surplus storage consumption can be anticipated and fixed before the issues occur and intensify.

  4. Daily or monthly maintenance tasks can be time-consuming, and it is not always necessary for a human to keep an eye on them. Thus, with an MSP solution's automation feature, you can easily get those tasks done along with other troubleshooting tasks that do not require human intervention.

  5. Network mishaps from multiple client networks can accumulate in the form of alarms, sometimes causing MSP admins to overlook a critical alarm while tidying up the rest. This can open the gates to network anomalies. Thus, it is crucial to have MSP solutions that helps you manage issues efficiently with its service management capabilities.

  6. Protecting the multiclient atmosphere from security breaches can be achieved without a lot of effort. MSP tool help you with this by providing detailed information on configuration changes, compliance, firmware vulnerabilities, and more.

How can OpManager MSP be your multiclient support system?

ManageEngine OpManager MSP is a holistic multiclient network management tool designed for MSPs, allowing them to cater to every need of their clients easily from a central location. OpManager MSP prevents your multiclient network management strategy from derailing with its following powerful features.

MSP Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager MSP


MSP Solution Provider - ManageEngine OpManager

Gain a bird's-eye view with OpManager MSP's various visualization features. You can get blindsided when monitoring multiple clients, but with this tool, you can easily view and even customize dashboards to gain a thorough understanding of your clients' network devices down to the finest detail.

Performance monitoring

MSP Solution - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

This effective MSP solution helps you keep an eye on the critical metrics of your multiclient network devices around the clock, letting you spot and mend network faults proactively. Observe device performance granularly with graphs and charts. Also, tweak the network devices periodically if necessary to achieve optimal performance.


Best Managed Service Provider - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

With OpManager MSP's workflow feature, MSPs can easily automate repetitive L1 and L2 troubleshooting operations and day-to-day maintenance tasks in just a few steps. This lets MSPs focus on the critical tasks on their to-do lists rather than spending valuable time on rebooting a device, restarting a service, and more.

Fault management

Manage network hitches, performance setbacks, and downtime instantly with OpManager MSP's alerts. The alerts provide relevant specifics to help MSPs fix issues right away without spending time hunting for the root causes. This aids in reducing the MTTR for good measure.

ITSM integrations

Config OpM MSP - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP is a comprehensive MSP solution that integrates with in-house ITSM tools to assist MSPs with resolving the identified network issues holistically. This way, the critical issues can be easily prioritized and fixed without any delay. The ITSM integrations help escalate any issue that has not been fixed within the specified time so admins will resolve it quickly.

Network configuration management (NCM) add-on

NCM MSP - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on lets you oversee configuration changes and revert back to old configurations if necessary. The NCM add-on also helps you comply with the latest industry standards and rectify identified firmware vulnerabilities with suggested patches.


MSP Solution Reports - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP features more than 100 report profiles that can be used to comprehend multiclient network device performance patterns, determine how to achieve optimal performance, identify possible network disasters, and put a preemptive stop to them. MSPs can quickly create customized reports as well depending on clients' requirements.

Reap the benefits of this all-in-one MSP software

MSP teams flip through different tools, and sometimes different features, to collect information about network devices in a client network. This can be an arduous process, made more complicated when you're getting to know multiple client networks. With OpManager MSP, an all-in-one MSP software, service providers can oversee, spot, and fix potential network issues in multi-client networks easily in a single pane of glass, eliminating the need to use multiple tools.

Here's how using OpManager MSP can streamline and unladen the multiclient network management process for MSPs:

  • Centralize control over multi-client networks
  • Reduce mean time to repair
  • Improve the efficiency rate
  • Decrease the chance of errors
  • Save time and resources

Looking for a new multiclient network management solution to help you bolster your strategy, keep up with the competition, boost your business growth, serve your clients better, and be a best managed service provider? Here is your answer: Try OpManager MSP, an efficient MSP software for service providers to achieve all your multiclient network management goals.

To explore more, try OpManager MSP for free or request a personalized demo from our product experts now!

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