Network management services

Network management services typically means overseeing single or multiple networks, managing them effectively to yield optimal performance, and keeping network faults from wreaking havoc in the network. With the correct tools, IT admins can analyze performance trends and patterns to detect and resolve potential network disasters proactively.

Network management services are comprised of:

Network Management Services - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

  1. Network monitoring: Watching critical KPIs of network devices, keeping track of the device performance, traffic flows, and more around the clock.

  2. Network configuration: Obtaining optimal performance by configuring network devices periodically that upgrade your security game.

  3. Network troubleshooting: Identifying network mishaps and resolving issues quickly and granularly before it contaminates other devices.

  4. Network security: Scanning the network periodically to enhance security measures to repel intrusions and threats.

  5. Network analyzing: Accumulating data on network devices, network activities, etc. to understand trends and identify potential network calamities before they disrupt business operations.

Why do businesses rely on network management services?

Network management services offered by MSPs are an effective answer for a business owners' network management needs that is not pricey but delivers high-quality services. MSPs are facing rapid growth in the market for their tactical capabilities to manage network scaling, quickly adapt to the latest technologies, and their proactively, rather than reactively implementing troubleshooting strategies. The secret weapon for many service providers is to initiate these strategies in their own multiclient network monitoring and management solutions to help them implement their services and achieve high customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to business growth.

Bringing together network management services and OpManager MSP

ManageEngine OpManager MSP is a multiclient network monitoring and management software solely designed to support service providers, help them in delivering optimal network management service, and cater to their clients needs. This holistic solution provides you with a keen awareness of every device in the network, its performance and important KPIs, so you can address potential network problems. Let's delve a little deeper to uncover the specific ways this MSP solution supports each of the network management services we discussed earlier.

In-depth network monitoring

OpManager MSP provides powerful visualization features that enable network management services provider to obtain complete visibility throughout their multiclient environment. This technology gives clients detailed visibility into their networks, including network endpoints, business, and geographic levels, as well as visibility at a granular level of network incidents. This way, MSPs can prioritize and resolve the alerts quickly.

Comprehensive network configuration management

OpManager MSP's new network configuration management add-on helps MSPs stay up to date with configuration changes made in client networks, remain compliant with the most recent industry standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, CISCO IOS, SOX, and tailor-make their own policies. MSPs can track firmware vulnerabilities, and then apply needed repairs to secure the multiclient environment from intrusions.

Granular network troubleshooting

OpManager MSP, a robust MSP tool enables service providers to prioritize important issues and easily address them by providing all the details required to fix a problem. This helps handle network issues better, without burning out the technician team. When problems are not resolved swiftly, alarms can be escalated. With OpManager MSP, tedious processes can be automated, and IT workflow features can be leveraged in a few simple steps to eliminate routine maintenance jobs and ensure L1, L2 troubleshooting procedures don't consume the majority of the MSP team's time.

Thorough network security

Managed Network Services - ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Security breaches and intrusions can impact an organization's business growth, reputation, and financial health suffer. These attacks can be avoided and effects lessened with the use of strong network security measures.OpManager MSP helps manage "who" can access "what" with role-based access control. This solution also discovers misconfigurations and firmware vulnerabilities, and alerts IT technicians about them so they can take the appropriate actions and ensure prompt network compliance.

Extensive network analysis

Evaluating past data and forecasting growth trends can be tedious for an MSP but, this can help client network devices perform efficiently and increase a MSPs business growth. With OpManager MSP, service providers can easily analyze and anticipate network issues and performance shortcomings with it's comprehensive, and customizable reports. Disasters can be averted in a multiclient network environment with the aid of a proactive approach.


MSPs can benefit from these and other vital network performance monitoring capabilities when they utilize OpManager MSP. To discover the comprehensive list of capabilities provided by OpManager MSP, reach out to our product experts to receive a free, personalized demo, or explore them on your own by downloading our free, 30-day trial version today.

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