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Key features

Monitor Linux logs from a central console

Monitor Linux logs from a central console

Collect logs from Linux devices as well as various other log sources, and monitor them from a single console to understand your network activities easily. EventLog Analyzer automates aggregation of logs from disparate sources, including Linux syslogs, Windows event logs, applications, network devices, databases, and servers. Real-time log monitoring gives you complete control over the security and management of your network.

Audit logon activities in Linux devices

Audit logon activities in Linux devices

Stay aware of critical security events that happen in your network with the real-time auditing capabilities of EventLog Analyzer. The Linux log management tool tracks all Linux processes including system login and logout history, changes to user accounts and groups, sudo command executions, and actions and errors in FTP and Linux email servers to identify any potential security threats promptly.

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Generate exhaustive reports on Linux system activities

Generate exhaustive reports on Linux system activities

Meet IT compliance requirements for various regulatory mandates and internal audit policies of your organization with the report templates and custom report builder available in EventLog Analyzer. It contains over 100 predefined reports for Linux systems, including server error, server usage, and security reports. You can customize, schedule, and export these readily available reports to suit your requirements.

Track and analyze security events of interest with log correlation

Track and analyze security events of interest with log correlation

Correlate and analyze key events from across your Linux systems with EventLog Analyzer's event correlation engine. The solution contains over 30 pre-built correlation rules, designed to detect common cyberattacks like brute-force attacks, SQL injections, account lockouts, web server attacks, and more. It also has a custom drag-and-drop correlation builder to allow you to configure rules specific to your network. A powerful log search engine with basic and advanced search options also helps in swift location of malicious log entries to mitigate attacks.

Manage and resolve security incidents

Manage and resolve security incidents

Ensure timely remediation with incident workflows that define the sequence of action for various types of security incidents that may occur in your Linux systems. EventLog Analyzer detects cybersecurity threats and events, analyzes them, classifies their severity level, and alerts the relevant team members. The solution also supports integration with external ticketing tools to expedite incident resolution.

Frequently asked questions

How do Linux system logs work?

Linux operating system logs contain multiple log files with detailed information about the events that happen in the network. Every action performed on your server can be traced with the logs, including kernel events, login attempts, user actions, and more. You can find the logs on your Linux system under the /var/log directory. The directory will contain operating system, service, and application logs running on the system. Here are some of the important log files that should be monitored:

  • /var/log/auth.log: Contains failed and successful authentication attempt details.
  • /var/log/wtmp.log: Contains login, logout, and reboot information.
  • /var/log/lastlog.log: Contains timestamped login details of each user on the system.

Why is Linux log auditing and reporting important?

Real-time log audits and reports of network activities can help network administrators find anomalies in network events as soon as they happen. This will not only help you overcome operational and security bottlenecks but also effectively prevent cyberattacks in the network. Reporting can also help organizations meet regulatory compliance and internal audit requirements easily.

What will EventLog Analyzer monitor in Linux logs?

EventLog Analyzer, a comprehensive syslog management solution, monitors all logs to maintain a secure Linux environment. It tracks the following actions in Linux systems:

  • Login and logoff activities: Tracks all logons and logoffs, including individual methods for logging on such as SU, SSH, and FTP logons.
  • Failed login attempts: Tracks all the failed login attempts and reveals users with most failed attempts and consecutive authentication failures.
  • User account management: Discovers and tracks all user accounts and groups that have been added, removed, or renamed.
  • Removable disk auditing: Audits the use of removable devices on Linux systems.
  • Sudo commands: Tracks all the successful, failed, and frequently used sudo commands.
  • Linux mail server activities: Monitors email server usage patterns; trends associated with sent and received emails; and error messages like mailbox unavailable, insufficient storage, bad sequence of commands, and more.
  • Linux system events: Tracks important system events, including stopping and restarting of syslog services, low disk space, and executions of the yum command.
  • Other events: Tracks FTP activities, successful and denied network file system mounts, cron jobs, errors, security threats, and more.

Useful resources

Conduct real-time Linux log auditing with EventLog Analyzer.

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Other features


EventLog Analyzer offers log management, file integrity monitoring, and real-time event correlation capabilities in a single console that help meeting SIEM needs, combat security attacks, and prevent data breaches.

Windows event log monitoring

Analyze event log data to detect security events such as file/folder changes, registry changes, and more. Study DDoS, Flood, Syn, and Spoof attacks in detail with predefined reports.

Application log analysis

Analyze application log from IIS and Apache web servers, Oracle & MS SQL databases, DHCP Windows and Linux applications and more. Mitigate application security attacks with reports & real-time alerts.

Active Directory log monitoring

Monitor all types of log data from Active Directory infrastructure. Track failure incidents in real-time and build custom reports to monitor specific Active Directory events of your interest.

Privileged user monitoring

Monitor and track privileged user activities to meet PUMA requirements. Get out-of-the-box reports on critical activities such as logon failures, reason for logon failure, and more.

Log forensic analysis

Perform in-depth forensic analysis to backtrack attacks and identify the root cause of incidents. Save search queries as alert profile to mitigate future threats.

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Customer Speaks

  • Credit Union of Denver has been using EventLog Analyzer for more than four years for our internal user activity monitoring. EventLog Analyzer provides great value as a network forensic tool and for regulatory due diligence. This product can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs.
    Benjamin Shumaker
    Vice President of IT / ISO
    Credit Union of Denver
  • The best thing, I like about the application, is the well structured GUI and the automated reports. This is a great help for network engineers to monitor all the devices in a single dashboard. The canned reports are a clever piece of work.
    Joseph Graziano, MCSE CCA VCP
    Senior Network Engineer
  • EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts.
    Joseph E. Veretto
    Operations Review Specialist
    Office of Information System
    Florida Department of Transportation
  • Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application.
    Jim Lloyd
    Information Systems Manager
    First Mountain Bank

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