Salesforce report activity monitoring

The confidential customer data available in Salesforce, a software as a service (SaaS) application, is primarily accessed through reports, which users can build, read, share, and export. Salesforce also provides extended report functionalities such as multi-block reporting where blocks from multiple reports can be combined together.

Although this feature improves the app's reporting capability, it also leaves room for mishandling and misuse of sensitive data. As Salesforce is a CRM solution, these reports predominantly contain customer information, so monitoring what customer data is being viewed, shared, and processed in the form of reports is essential for organizations. Salesforce report monitoring also helps enterprises comply with regulatory mandates' requirements on handling sensitive data.

Monitoring Salesforce report activity with Log360

Log360, a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution, audits and analyzes Salesforce log data, tracks all report activities, and presents it in the form of intuitive reports. The solution helps you keep tabs on what data is being accessed and exported by who, when, and from where.

A typical use case of monitoring report activities using Log360

Assume that an employee who's leaving the organization is intending to sell out sensitive customer data. They could carry it out by exporting multiple reports that contain confidential information. Log360 easily tracks down such deviant user behaviors, and alerts you in real time when such incidents occur.

The solution comes with prebuilt security audit reports for the export action that provides detailed insights on which user exported which reports, when, and from where. These details help you analyze the incident in-depth, and take necessary counter measures if it was unauthorized. Besides this report, the solution's real-time event response system can trigger an alert and even send email notifications for suspicious report export activity.

With Log360:

  • Get real-time updates on all Salesforce report activity
  • Monitor data exports
  • Keep tabs on multi-block reporting
  • Get alerted on suspicious exports during odd hours

and more.

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