Admin Settings

You can carry out the basic settings to administer Key Manager Plus from the Settings section. You can create accounts for other users, perform basic configurations like mail server setting, proxy details, active directory integration, periodic backup schedule, and other tasks.

User Management

User Roles

Key Manager Plus allows you to have two types of user roles. Administrator and Operator.




Manage Users

Manage Resources

Manage Passwords

View Passwords

Managing Personal Passwords

View Audit & Reports


Password Administrator

Password User

Password Auditor

Irrespective of the role, the personal passwords remain exclusive to the individual user and other users have no control over them.

Di – discover ; C – create ; I – import ; V – view ; A – assign ; D – delete

User Addition

You can add users to Key Manager Plus and create an account for them to access the product in two ways:

Add Users

  1. Navigate to the Settings → User Management tab in the GUI.
  2. Click the Add User button.
  3. Enter the login name, password, and the e-mail id of the user.
  4. Assign role for the new user - administrator or operator.
  5. If you are selecting the role for the new user as administrator, you can select and save that. If you are assigning the operator role to the user, the SSH user accounts which the user can access should be added manually. Two options are available :
    • Select Specific Users – Click the check boxes available next to a resource name to assign all the user accounts of that resource to the operator. Else, click on the arrow next to the checkbox to expand the list of user accounts available in the resource and select individual user accounts to be assigned.
    • Resource group – Select the group(s) to be assigned to the operator. The operator is provided access to only those SSH user accounts across all the resource(s) (of the selected resource groups), which have the same name as the login name of the operator.