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Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc. Effectively Detect Threats and Combats Cyberattacks using Log360

About the Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc

Invivoscribe, a California-based biotechnology company, is a pioneer in the field of precision diagnostics, and has offices and laboratories in five countries. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the company has made high quality molecular diagnostic solutions available to clinical laboratories, researchers, physicians, and patients worldwide. 

Invivoscribe specializes in personalized molecular medicine and offers a full range of in-vitro diagnostic products, services for leukemia and lymphoma testing, and more. The company has a compact IT team of five people including Saddam Lateef, a network administrator. The team monitors and manages the entire organization's networking needs.


Being an industry leader in molecular diagnostic solutions, Invivoscribe houses an enormous amount of critical proprietary information. Manually sifting through logs to spot anomalous events within the network wasn't practical or possible. 

Lateef felt he needed a solution that could track all activities occurring within the IT environment to detect any possible security breach, enabling him to dig deeper to find the root cause of critical issues. Furthermore, the IT team at Invivoscribe couldn't comprehend the overall security status of their network as the security incidents were logged in seperate instances and not correlated to detect cyberattacks.


Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc





"I can see all the devices, their activities, [and] their IPs."

Saddam Lateef, Network administrator

The Solution

Implementing ManageEngine Log360 has helped Invivoscribe improve its cybersecurity posture by:

  • Continuously and thoroughly auditing every change that occurs in the network.
  • Sending real-time alert notifications via email or SMS to IT administrators, and executing incident workflows associated with alerts to improve response time.
  • Simplifying navigation through voluminous log files with a smart search engine, and conducting root cause analysis of network issues. 
  • Comprehending logs collected from various heterogeneous devices, and detecting network security incidents like brute-force attacks, creation of backdoor accounts, and more through its powerful correlation engine.
  • Generating in-depth incident reports to help with intelligent decision making. Along with built-in reports, Log360 also enables customers to generate custom reports. The visual representation of critical information in graphs and charts helps network administrators understand the company's IT environment in a glance.


Invivoscribe is extremely satisfied in choosing ManageEngine Log360 as its SIEM solution. Log360's correlation capabilities help spot cyberattacks and threats, and alert IT security professionals. Invivoscribe also values the customer service extended by the Log360 support team in patiently responding to questions and resolving issues.

Sharing his experience working with Log360, Lateef said,

"Before ManageEngine Log360, things [logs] were hiding here and there. [Log360] brought out the critical events that I wanted to know about right away."

Saddam Lateef, Network administrator

When asked about the search option, Lafeef added, "I like the search option, its very powerful and can pull out basically anything you are looking for."

About Log360

ManageEngine Log360, an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and  EventLog Analyzer into a single console, is the one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. This solution offers real-time log collection, analysis, monitoring, correlation, and archiving capabilities that help protect confidential data, thwart internal security threats, and combat external attacks. Log360 comes with over 1,200 predefined reports and alert criteria to help enterprises meet their most pressing security, auditing, and compliance demands. For more information about Log360, visit

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