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Microsoft 365 Activity Reports

Strengthen your organization's security by monitoring all administrator and user activity in your Microsoft 365 environment with M365 Manager Plus' activity reports. These reports also provide detailed information on all changes that Exchange administrators make to legal hold objects.

The following two categories are included in admin activity reports:

Admin activity reports

Microsoft 365 lets you, the global administrator, provide users with administrator rights for individual products. This can sometimes compromise your organization's security. Therefore, it is important to monitor these empowered users. M365 Manager Plus' admin activity reports help combat this issue by providing an eagle's eye view of every administrator activity in your Microsoft 365 ecosystem. These reports also allow you to comply with the stringent requirements of IT compliance regulatory mandates like PCI DSS (requirement 10.2.2) and ISO 27000 (requirement A.12.4.3).

Reports in this category include:

Exchange admin activity

Exchange admin activity

Get an overview of all administrator activities in your Exchange Online environment, including information on who performed what operation when, the status of the operation, the objects modified, and more.

Azure admin activity

Azure admin activity

Gain valuable insight into all chores carried out by administrators in managing your organization's Azure Active Directory. M365 Manager Plus continuously monitors, audits, and reports on Azure administrators' activities and helps ensure the integrity and security of your organization's directory.

Note: Have a glimpse of all users assigned administrative roles in various Microsoft 365 services using M365 Manager Plus' admin roles report.

Hold activity reports

Industry norms require you to preserve electronically stored information (ESI), including emails, especially when there is a litigation risk involved. A Litigation Hold or InPlace Hold on mailboxes helps a great deal by retaining your emails indefinitely or for a specific time period. These hold objects prevent any alteration of the retained emails as any tampering with their configuration could result in adverse legal ramifications. Therefore, it is important to monitor every change made to the hold objects by your Exchange administrators. M365 Manager Plus' hold activity reports solves this issue by providing complete details on all activities involving hold objects in your Exchange Online environment.

Reports in this category include:

Litigation Hold activity

Litigation Hold activity

Gain complete visibility into all the changes made to Litigation Holds placed on your mailboxes. From these audit logs, you can figure out the Exchange administrator responsible for the change and make an informed decision on whether to retain it or not.

InPlace Hold and eDiscovery activity

InPlace Hold and eDiscovery activity

Identify all changes made to InPlace Hold objects, including information on the change, the administrator responsible for the change, parameters changed, the status of the change, and more. This report also provides details on all InPlace eDiscovery searches meant to search for content from your Exchange mailboxes.

Important reporting features from M365 Manager Plus:


Create your own custom reports by paring them down with M365 Manager Plus' built-in filters. You can even save this report along with other preconfigured reports.

Schedule and export

Automatically generate your report on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and export it to various formats such as CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML. You can also have it delivered to your inbox.


Embed your file modifications report on another web page or wiki to share information across teams easily.


Securely delegate Microsoft 365 reporting tasks to help desk technicians and IT staff without giving them full access to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Know what the admins are up to! Track their activity with automated reports.

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