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Reasons to Buy O365 Manager Plus

O365 Manager Plus is an extensive Office 365 reporting, management, auditing, and alerting solution that helps administrators effortlessly manage their Office 365 setup. Its web-based, user-friendly interface allows you to manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and other Office 365 services from one place. O365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive, preconfigured reports on Office 365, and also helps you perform bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation, and other complex tasks. It eases compliance management with its built-in compliance reports, and offers advanced auditing and alerting features to keep your Office 365 setup secure from malicious activities.

Below are the most attractive features of O365 Manager Plus that makes it a better choice.

Exhaustive Reports: O365 Manager Plus provides over 200 preconfigured reports on Office 365. It consolidates data from Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 components into detailed reports. The reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, CSV, XLS, or HTML format.

Create Your Own Reports:  In native Office 365, you can filter data in reports based on certain attribute values. With O365 Manager Plus, process data with filters based on any attribute and perform multi-valued searches as needed. You can save the filtered data to create your own customized report for future purpose. 

Bulk Mailbox Management: Use O365 Manager Plus' refined features to manage Exchange Online with ease. Handle mailboxes in bulk to eliminate redundant actions and save time. O365 Manager Plus also provides features for contacts and public folder management.

Bulk User Management: Perform  bulk user management activities, like user permission changes, attribute changes, and more, eliminating the need to pick users individually for each task. You can import CSV files to manage user data in bulk with ease.

Profile-based Auditing: Instead of having to peruse the entire list of audit reports to find the right one (as is required in Office 365), O365 Manager Plus lets you create your own user and group based profiles so you can view only those audit details you need to see.

Long-term Historical Data: In native Office 365, there are limits to how long you can retrieve historical data based on the data being audited. O365 Manager Plus stores audit data indefinitely to maintain complete records.

Custom Alerts: Get notified about critical activities and changes happening in your Office 365 environment. O365 Manager Plus lets you create custom alerts for each Office 365 service. These custom user and group based alerts save you time by eliminating the need to constantly check audit reports for malicious activities.

Delegation: With O365 Manager Plus you can delegate selective tasks to technicians without giving full access to Office 365, which is not possible in native Office 365 portal. 

Compliance: O365 Manager Plus provides reports that help you comply with industrial mandates like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, GLBA and ISO. All these reports can be automated and exported for easy compliance management.

Upcoming features:

  • Custom delegation: With this feature you can create your own attribute level roles to delegate by selecting any combination reporting, management, auditing, and alerting tasks.
  • Management from reports: You can perform management tasks on users and mailboxes from the reports itself, if you feel that something has to be changed after analysing the report.

We update our product regularly to improve user experience. With every release, we add new reports, advanced management, auditing and alerting features under the same license. All you have to do is purchase the product license and enjoy the features seamlessly.

Read more about O365 Manager Plus here. You can try online product demo here.


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