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Move Group API

Move Group API

Use this API to move a group in Active Directory (AD) from your application.

Request URL (JSON) format: http://<hostname>:<port>/RestAPI/MoveGroup

Request parameters:

AD Groups can be moved using the POST method. Following are the request parameters that can be used in the request:

Parameters Mandatory Description
domainName Yes Domain where the group is located.
AuthToken Yes Authentication Token obtained using the Generate AuthToken API.
inputFormat Yes Details of the group that has to be moved in AD. This attribute should be JSONArray string and must be specified in this format:
[<JSONObject>,<JSONObject>,<JSONObject>]; JSONObject - key/value pair of LDAP attributes and their corresponding values.
PRODUCT_NAME Yes Product name/module name from which the request is being sent; will be needed for auditing.
destination Yes Distinguished name of the OU where the group has to be moved.


The response will be a JSON array string with a list of JSONObjects. Each JSONObject in the list represents an object sent in the inputFormat attribute in the request. Each object will contain the following properties about the status:

Parameter name Description
sAMAccountName sAMAccountName of the group moved from one OU to another.
status Status of the operation.
statusMessage Contains the message about the issues or errors that occur while performing the specified action.

Sample request format:

http://Byron:8080/RestAPI/MoveGroup?domainName=division-dc1.local&AuthToken=3e7181fe-4777-449e-bc21-86fc213ef6e0&inputFormat=[{"sAMAccountName": "Accounts Department"},{"sAMAccountName":"Sales Department"}]&PRODUCT_NAME=MODULE&destination=OU=custom_hcm,DC=division-dc1,DC=local

Sample response format:

        "sAMAccountName": "Accounts Department",
        "statusMessage": "Successfully Modified.",
        "status": "1"
        "sAMAccountName": "Sales Department",
        "statusMessage": "Successfully Modified.",
        "status": "1"

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