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Move home folder

Move home folder API

This API helps you raise a workflow request to move home folders from one drive to another using your application. 

Request URL (JSON) Format: http:// <hostname> : <port> /RestAPI/CreateWorkFlowRequest

Request Parameters:

Parameters Mandatory Description
AuthToken Yes Authentication token obtained using the Generate AuthToken API.
domainName Yes Domain in which this operation must be performed. 
inputData Details about the workflow request to be raised. It must also contain the details about the home folders to be moved. 
Yes Specify the title of the request under Subject.
Yes Specify the action as MOVE_FOLDER under RequestAction. 
Yes Specify the user accounts, whose home folders have to be moved.
Optional Specify the priority of the task. 
Optional Provide a suitable Description.
Yes Specify the Drive and the Path where the home folder should be moved.
Optional Specify the value of the Retain attribute as true if you wish to retain a copy of the home folder at the original location. 
PRODUCT_NAME Yes Product name/module name from which the request is being sent; will be needed for auditing.

Response Parameters:

Parameters Description
Subject Subject of the request
requestId RequestId of the request raised. This is not displayed in the response, if the operation has failed.
status Status of the operation, where 1 stands for Success and 0 stands for Failure.
statusMessage The response message to be displayed in case of success or failure.

Sample Request:

http://admanager:8080/RestAPI/CreateWorkFlowRequest?AuthToken=244f8f17-041d-4c85-9924-02f7351a6fbb&domainName=admp.local&PRODUCT_NAME=RESTAPI&inputData=[{"RequestAction":"MOVE_FOLDER", "Subject":"Move Home Folder", "accounts":[{"sAMAccountName":"john"}], "Drive":"D:", "Path":"\\\\share\\share"}]

Sample Response:

[{"Subject":"Move Home Folder","requestId":6312,"statusMessage":"Successfully created the request.","status":"1"}]

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