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Contact Management

Active Directory Bulk Contacts Creation

Active Directory Contacts are a collection of information about a person or business, such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and pager numbers. They constitute information about people inside and outside the organization whom users want to communicate with. Creating and managing Active Directory Contacts is vital in an organization as they have directory information associated with them and mail-enabled contacts can be listed in Global Address List (GAL) or other address lists, helping users to easily access the contact information and send messages to them. Accomplishing all this using just the native AD tools or PowerShell scripts is a complex and tedious task.

Create bulk active directory contacts

ADManager Plus with its bulk contacts creation feature allows administrator to create mass standard contacts and mail enabled contacts by importing them from a CSV file. This process eliminates the time taking process of creating individual contacts and using command tools, thereby making Active Directory contact management simpler, trouble-free and flexible.

ADManager Plus is a simple, easy to use, web-based, feature rich, UI based Active Directory Management and Reporting tool that simplifies and eases the process of creating and managing contacts - single as well as in bulk.

Typically "contacts" represent "external users", who are not part of an organization and have no access to organization's computer resources. Contacts predominantly serve as mailing lists. While it's easy to manage a handful of contacts using ADUC, the effort needlessly doubles with increase in the number of contacts, prompting a need for bulk management tools.

ADManager Plus offers a neat "Contact Reporting" and "Bulk Contact Management" system, enhancing your control over Active Directory contact objects. Use the free download of software's trial version to try out all contact management and also the complete set of Active Directory management features for 30 days.

Some of the administrative and management activities and modifications of Contact attributes that can be done using ADManager Plus :

  • Template based Contact Creation
  • Create Single Contact
  • Create Bulk Contacts
  • 'Drag-n-Drop customizable' Template based Contact Creation
  • Set Mandatory Attributes for Contact Creation
  • Bulk Contact Modification

Single Contact Creation

Creating and managing Contacts in Microsoft Active Directory is a task that every Active Directory administrator has to manage. Creating a contact is often an unplanned and unexpected task and most often, on a day-to-day basis, administrators will add only a single contact as and when a request is raised. In such scenarios, the ability to create just a single contact, in a single step, will be more than handy to the administrators.

ADManager Plus not only helps Active Directory administrators in bulk Active Directory operations, it also allows them to create just a single contact with a difference - in one shot, with all the attributes configured in a single step. ADManager Plus's 'Create Single Contact' feature comes with several useful provisions: Employing "contact creation templates", you can have a contact object created with pre-assigned attributes; make any attribute(s) a mandatory attribute(s) as per your requirement; and so forth. And you can do all these in just a few mouse clicks using a web-browser!

Try creating a contact object using ADManager Plus and you'd never want to use ADUC again!

Single Contact Creation:

  • Create a single contact, on-demand, with all the required attributes.
  • Create and use templates to specify values to attributes while creating contacts.
  • Set any attribute, as required, as a mandatory attribute to create a new contact.
  • Create a contact in any container as required.

Template Based Contact Creation

Many a times, administrators of Microsoft Active Directory are faced with situations where they have to assign specific values to certain attributes, or prevent a user from entering or specifying a value for some attributes, or assign a value for specific attributes to multiple users at the same time or remove/hide unnecessary attributes, etc. Such freedom in contact management is not possible with native Active Directory tools, not to mention that they require multiple steps or scripting for even a prosaic contact creation task.

ADManager Plus, on the other hand, allows you to create and use 'contact creation templates' which help you in choosing the attributes that are required, assigning specific values to certain attributes, etc all, in just one single step.

These templates can be created, customized or modified using the 'drag-n-drop' feature to have only those attributes that are required and also to set any attribute as mandatory attributes for creating a new contact. These templates help the administrators in creating contact(s) in just a single step by creating the contact and also assigning the values to attributes in the same process. These templates can be used for creating just a single contact and for also creating multiple contacts at one shot.

Templates are employed for bulk contact creation to help the administrators to specify different set of attributes and values to multiple contacts as per the organizational requirements while creating the contacts in bulk. These templates also help in configuring or specifying specific values to the required attributes. When a template is applied during the bulk contact creation process, multiple contacts will automatically be created with the values specified in the template.Administrators can create contacts in bulk by applying templates by choosing from the configured templates.

Learn how to create or customize contact creation templates.

Bulk Contact Modification

Making changes or modifications to contacts in Active Directory, changing their attributes and properties is a task that administrators cannot do away with. When done using the native Active Directory tools, this takes up too much of time and when these changes have to be made to multiple attributes and for multiple contacts, it becomes a really time consuming and tiring task.

ADManager Plus's sound "Bulk Contact Management system", helps in making changes to attributes of multiples contact objects in just a single step.

Some of the attributes that can be modified using ADManager Plus include:

Address / Organizational Attributes: Title, Department, Company, Manager, Postal Address

Contact Attributes: Telephone Number, Email, Web-page, Description, Telephone Numbers

Naming Attributes: Name, Display Name format

You can also delete one or multiple/bulk contacts from Active Directory in just a single step using the 'delete contacts' option in ADManager Plus.

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