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ADManager Plus

Complimentary offer exclusively for ManageEngine Customers!

Free subscription of ADManager Plus - our way of saying 'Thank You!' for purchasing ManageEngine product. ADManager Plus is a completely web-based, purely UI driven, simple to use Active Directory management and reporting tool that also offers mobile-based user management capabilities. This tool even helps you to manage and report on your MS Exchange Server environment from the same console.

Highlights of ADManager Plus

  • Single Console Active Directory and Exchange Server management and reporting.
  • Bulk Creation, Modification and Management of AD users, groups, computers and contacts.
  • Single-step CSV and Template-based mass creation and modification of multiple AD accounts.
  • Mobile-based management of multiple AD users at one go via mobile apps.
  • Complete Automation of critical and repetitive AD management tasks.
  • Secure AD Delegation to assign AD tasks to non-administrative and even business users.
  • AD Workflow with a 'review-approve' model for secure execution of AD tasks.
  • 150+ pre-configured reports including User reports, Distribution List reports, Compliance reports, etc.
  • Execute AD management tasks (enable, disable, reset password, move, delete, etc.) right from reports.
  • Schedule and Export reports in Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and CSVDE formats.


  • This complimentary license is for the Professional Version of ADManager Plus
  • This offer is exclusively for you / your organization only.
  • Validity of this complimentary license is 6 months.
  • This is a standalone offer and cannot be combined with other offers.

Steps to apply your ADManager Plus license:

  1. Download and install ADManager Plus.
  2. Download the license that was emailed to you and save it on your machine.
  3. Ensure that ADManager Plus is running.
  4. Logon to ADManager Plus (User name: admin; Password: admin).
  5. Click on the 'License' link located in the top right corner.
  6. In the 'Upgrade License' window that pops up, select the license file using the 'browse' option located in 'Enter License File' section and click on 'Upgrade'.

To upgrade to the next version of ADManager Plus please visit our online store.

ADManager Plus Features:

Active Directory Management

  • Bulk creation, modification and management of AD users, groups, contact and computers.
  • Single-step creation of user accounts with all attributes including Exchange and LCS/OCS attributes.
  • Template and CSV-based user, group, contact and computer creation.
  • Mobile-based management of AD user accounts.
  • Reactive modification of AD accounts through templates with modification rules.
  • Attribute specific modification (contact attributes, profile attributes, etc.)in bulk.
  • Mass modification of multiple attributes of AD accounts using CSV import.
  • File Server permissions management.

Active Directory Reporting

  • 150+ pre-packaged customizable reports.
  • Object specific reports: User reports, group reports, Contact reports, Password reports, GPO reports, etc.
  • Compliance reports, Security reports, NTFS reports, etc. to get critical data about your AD.
  • 'Report Scheduler' to auto-generate reports at the desired times.
  • Email reports to multiple users as email attachments.
  • Export/email reports in Excel, HTML, PDF, CSV and CSVDE.
  • Manage AD accounts (enable, disable, reset password, move, delete, etc.) from reports.

AD Delegation

  • Secure delegation of AD tasks to help desk technicians, non-administrative users and even business users like HR managers, Department heads, etc.
  • Role-based / Profile-based delegation.
  • OU-based delegation.
  • A single technician can perform a different set of tasks in different OUs.
  • Help desk technician audit reports to track all the actions of help desk technicians.


  • Customizable multi-stage workflow to standardize the execution of all AD tasks.
  • Review-approve based AD tasks execution to prevent unauthorized actions.
  • Request repository that contains all requests - open, closed, rejected and also the ones awaiting execution.
  • Assigning rules to auto-assign tasks to specific technicians/users.
  • Notification rules to email updates on the status of tasks to multiple users or technicians.

AD Automation

  • Automate any critical or repetitive AD user, group, computer and contact management task.
  • Set up a series of time-based follow up tasks for automated tasks.
  • Flexible execution times (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly).

MS Exchange Management

  • Manage multiple versions of Exchange server (2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010) from the same console.
  • Create multiple mailboxes along with all attributes like mailbox store, storage limites, delivery restrictions, delivery options, etc.
  • Bulk migration of Exchange Server mailboxes.
  • Mass disable / delete Exchange mailboxes.
  • Set mailbox rights, Exchange features (OMA, OWA, IMAP4, POP3 protocol) for multiple mailboxes in just one click.

MS Exchange Reporting

  • Pre-built schedulable, customizable reports.
  • Distribution Lists-based reports: Distribution List members and Non-distribution list members reports.
  • NTFS reports, Delivery settings based reports, etc.
  • Exchange features based reports: OMA, OWA, POP2, IMAP4, Active Sync Enabled/Disabled users reports.
  • Security and Compliance-based reports that provide the appropriate data for compliance audits.

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