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Access certification campaign

Access certification campaigns are a critical component of a robust IGA solution. They ensure that access rights are regularly reviewed and that users only have the privileges they need to perform their duties. Access certification campaigns help organizations automate users' access management, mitigate access-related attacks, and demonstrate compliance with IT regulations like the GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

Significance of access certification in compliance

Adherence to regulations like the GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more is essential in today's data-driven world, where organizations heavily rely on and generate data. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal repercussions like lawsuits and penalties as well as increase the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. Preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive information is one vital requirement set forth by IT mandates, and organizations must establish measures and policies that guarantee authorized individuals have access to appropriate resources to ensure the security of their networks.

Managing access permissions for employees may appear straightforward, but it is actually a challenging task. It is error-prone, time-consuming and can increase administrative overhead. That's why it is essential to invest in a reliable solution that not only helps automate the entire process but also facilitates auditing.

ADManager Plus' access certification campaigns

ADManager Plus is an IGA solution that offers access certification capabilities to organizations to streamline their access control methods. Access certification campaigns can be utilized to assign, recertify, and revoke users' access rights and implement the principle of least privilege, segregation of duties, and role-based access control. Organizations can implement these principles to thwart privilege abuse attacks and safeguard their networks. With the access certification campaigns in ADManager Plus, user access rights like NTFS permissions or Microsoft 365 roles and applications can be validated in bulk, resulting in improved operational efficiency. ADManager Plus also enhances life cycle management by automating user provisioning, password management, and group management, and by providing custom workflows for multi-level approvals and real-time notifications.

Components of an access certification campaign


A key stakeholder in the process who audits users' access rights and takes action on them. A certifier can be an administrator, help desk technician, a user's manager, or the role can be customized to an organization’s needs.

Certification campaigns

Audit campaigns with policies and criteria that can be used to assess users' access rights. These campaigns can be scheduled and prioritized based on the entitlements that are to be reviewed.


Users' group memberships and access permissions that will be validated by the certifier.

Certifier assigning rules

Rules that can be configured to dynamically assign certifiers.


Benefits of access certification campaigns

Enhanced security

Reduce the risk of unauthorized access by identifying and removing users' inappropriate access rights.

Compliance demonstration

Comply with mandates and organizational policies by maintaining an auditable record of access reviews and changes.

Minimized insider threats

Periodically reviewing users' access rights can help detect and revoke unnecessary privileges and keep malicious insiders at bay.

Resource optimization

Reviewing and revoking users' access to enterprise resources and group memberships helps reduce license and subscription costs.

Prevent privilege creep

Review access permissions regularly to avoid the accumulation of privileges.

Improved efficiency

Streamline access management processes by running automated campaigns to identify and revoke access for over-privileged accounts.

Use cases

Use case 1: Secure privileged accounts

Run a customized certification campaign to manage the privileges of accounts with access to sensitive information and revoke privileges as and when needed.

Secure privileged accounts

Use case 2: Meeting compliance and audit requirements

Each certification campaign that is conducted in ADManager Plus is stored and can be viewed by stakeholders. A detailed history of the campaign, including certifier name, action performed, comments added by the certifier, and more, is recorded. Auditors and compliance staff can use this during audit trials.

Meeting compliance and audit requirements

Streamline entitlement management with ADManager Plus


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