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Office 365

Skype for Business server management

When it's about communication and collaboration in a Windows-based organization, Microsoft's Skype for Business (formerly Lync) Server, Live Communication Server (LCS), or Office Communication Server (OCS) are the solutions you want.

While Skype for Business lets you connect with coworkers and business partners in your company and around the world, managing the communication servers that form the chief support system alongside Active Directory can be a daunting task.

Organizations aspire to growth hack and optimize multitasking. Therefore, ADManager Plus lets you comfortably manage both Skype for Business and Active Directory from a single console.

The ADManager Plus edge

You no longer have to depend on traditional administrative tools such as control panels, management consoles, and PowerShell scripts. With ADManager Plus, you can manage Skype for Business users and their corresponding user policies. Cut the delay and monotony of administrative routines.

Your organization will benefit from ADManager Plus' extensive user-centric features that facilitate:

  • A standardized user on-boarding process
  • A centralized Active Directory and Skype for Business user provisioning system
  • Delegation of provisioning tasks to HR personnel or helpdesk technicians

User management and modification

Create new user accounts

Create a new Skype for Business user account right when you create an Active Directory account. With its customizable user provisioning templates, this tool can quickly create new user accounts in bulk with predefined attributes in Active Directory, Skype for Business/Lync/LCS/OCS, Exchange Server, Office 365, and Google Workspace all at once and automatically.

Enable, disable, or delete Skype for Business users

Using a series of PowerShell commandlets to enable, disable, or delete Skype for Business/ Lync/ LCS/OCS users can be quite a challenge because defining the same parameters between modules is confusing and hectic. ADManager Plus works around this issue by letting you import a CSV file that contains the list of user accounts to be enabled, disabled, or deleted. This cumbersome and repetitive task can now be done easily and in bulk.

Modify Skype for Business user policies

Progressive user management in Skype for Business/ Lync/ LCS/OCS typically involves changing, deleting, or reassigning existing user policies to specific groups of users to grant or limit access to features such as conferencing, telephony, external access, etc.

When altering Skype for Business/ Lync/ LCS/OCS user policies, you will likely need to select a subset of users based on their current policy and then make follow-on modifications by retracing the changes to those Skype for Business/ Lync user objects. This leads to difficult steps through the server control panel.

ADManager Plus simplifies policy modification by allowing you to change users' preset conferencing, telephony, and archiving policies all from an intuitive, minimalistic interface. Assign the appropriate policies to users, and, if they don't have a policy assigned to them, change or manage in bulk the preassigned policies and apply a different set of policies using the CSV import option.

ADManager Plus also simplifies reporting with preconfigured reports that let you keep track of Skype for Business enabled or disabled users in your organizational setup.

Get Office 365 and Exchange management and reporting, too, under the same unified interface.

Configure Skype for Business accounts, and manage the properties from the ADManager Plus console.

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