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Microsoft Azure Monitoring

  • Microsoft Azure VM is a flexible cloud computing platform supporting a wide range of servers, used popularly for development and testing. Its versatility and the ability to allow users to deploy applications in minutes makes it an indispensable asset for most business organizations. However, without the right Microsoft Azure VM monitoring tool, quite often, servers do not perform at maximum efficiency, leading to unnecessary downtimes and disruption of service.

  • Get an overall view of your Microsoft Azure environment

    View general information about the virtual machines deployed in your Azure VM environment from availability to performance history. Get an aerial view of all your virtual machines within the Azure environment and track their operational status and health with Applications Manager's Azure VM performance monitoring tool.

    Microsoft Azure Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Monitor Azure VMs

    Your Azure environment can support a wide range of virtual machines. And Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure monitoring tool ensures each of those virtual machines are always up and running without glitches, which is why key metrics are always tracked and kept readily available.

    Memory utilization and processor details

    Monitor Azure VM and track the memory and processor metrics of your virtual machines and plan your upcoming tasks accordingly. Improper memory utilization can often cause significant damage to operations. Keep track of memory faults and with key metrics on the go, make informed decisions all the time.

    Application Monitoring
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    • Microsoft Azure Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
    • Microsoft Azure Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Monitor disk utilization details and ensure proper memory planning

    The disk utilization metrics gives an idea regarding the amount of memory being used and the free memory in each partitioned space of your server's memory. Tracking the memory usage metrics within the disk can help improve the overall performances of your virtual machines, provided the details are put to use in proper capacity planning.

    Microsoft Azure VM Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Network Metrics:

    With Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure performance monitoring tool, view elaborate graphs, along with information about the activities of the network interface. From connections established, connections failed to segments sent and segments received, all at a glance.

    Microsoft Azure Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Tracking threads and processes

    Get notified when your thread/ process count surges to prevent performance degradation among servers. Without proper monitoring, there is a high risk of information loss and consequently breakdown of operations. Thread and process stats enable the user to stay cautious all the time and immediately address downtimes by tracking critical metrics and troubleshooting accordingly.

     Azure VM Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Troubleshoot with ease

    An issue is best tackled when it is done before the end user experiences it. And this is precisely what Applications Manager Azure monitoring software helps you do. Configure alarms for different attributes of your virtual machine and make sure technicians receive instant notifications and alerts in case of any unusual activity. Identify and eliminate issues before they cause any significant impact with our Azure VM performance monitor.

Besides Azure VM Monitoring Solutions for monitoring Microsoft Azure metrics, Applications Manager also offers monitoring for these technologies. Take a 30-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo today!

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