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Azure Network Management and Delivery Monitoring

Azure Network Management and Delivery Monitoring

Track the performance of your network management resources hosted on Azure

Applications Manager provides out-of-the box support for Azure Network management and Delivery monitoring by enabling you to obtain in-depth visibility into the performance of your network management and content delivery resources in real-time. It serves as a single pane of glass to keep a close watch on network management resources hosted on Azure by providing monitoring support for the following services:

Azure Connections monitoring

Track the health and availability of your Azure Connection instances that are connecting to your cloud resources on Azure to ensure quick and reliable data exchange between your cloud applications and network resources in real-time. Measure the network bandwidth of your Azure connections by keeping check on the amount of data sent/received by your resource along with its rate to ensure high performance, availability, and reliability of your cloud resource and to identify any spikes/drops in the data transfer quickly.

Azure DNS monitoring (Public & Private)

Ensure quick resolution and translation of your IP addresses into your domain names by tracking the performance of your Azure DNS zones for public and private environments. Estimate the traffic and usage capacity of your DNS domains/records by keeping a close watch on the DNS query volume served for your DNS zone along with the capacity utilization of your record sets to help you fine-tune your domain performance and cost overall. View additional insights into the performance of your virtual networks (VNets) linked to your private DNS zone along with the capacity utilization of your VNet links with/without auto-registrations to configure alerts upon reaching the VNet quota limit.

Azure Front Door monitoring (Content Delivery Network)

Obtain complete visibility into the performance of your Azure Front Door/CDN instances and ensure faster delivery of your static/dynamic web application contents to end users world-wide. Analyze the traffic and processing capacity of your web application by keeping check on the number of client requests served by the HTTP(S) proxy as well the latency observed in processing data and configure alarms whenever there is a sudden increase in the values for quick resolution. Keep track of the number of requests processed by the origin/backend and WAF servers of your web application along with its health status to ensure best performance and availability to end users. Estimate the quality and quantity of your client requests by keeping an close watch on the cache hit ratio and number of 4xx and 5xx errors and take appropriate steps to resolve them instantly for a hassle-free end user experience.

Azure Network Watcher Monitoring (Connection Monitor)

Enhance the diagnosis capacity of your Azure Network Watcher connections to detect and troubleshoot network issues with connecting to your Azure resources via Connection monitor. Track the performance of your connectivity monitor checks performed by your Network Watcher by keeping constant checks on the RTT as well as the checks failed by your connection instance to troubleshoot possible network latency, availability and responsiveness between the endpoints. Analyze the connectivity test results for individual test groups and configurations based on their test status/results and take necessary steps to resolve the endpoints connectivity issues in case of failed test results of connection monitor.

Azure Public IP Address monitoring

Gain a complete overview on the performance of your Azure resources using public IP addresses to enhance connectivity and to detect any potential issues/errors with ease. Analyze the traffic patterns to your public IP address by tracking the availability and rate of data/packets processed to monitor the network activity and detect network anomalies on your Azure resources using the IP address. Obtain in-depth insights on the performance of your resources during DDoS attacks and keep a close watch on the amount of data/packets that were forwarded/dropped by the DDoS protection system and make quick decisions on resource allocation and data protection.

Azure Traffic Manager monitoring

Monitor the performance of your Azure Traffic Manager profiles distributing online traffic to the servers in different locations across the globe to ensure high availability. Track the health status of endpoints that are receiving web traffic and raise alarms in case any endpoints are found to be unhealthy. Examine the number of queries processed for individual endpoints along with their health status to understand the traffic volume obtained for your profile as well as to detect and handle endpoint failures quickly.

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Supported Azure monitoring services

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following Microsoft Azure services:

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