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Azure Database (Managed Databases) Monitoring

Azure Managed Databases comprises a set of services offered by Microsoft Azure to help ease the operational workload of developers when it comes to handling and scaling databases. Due to its flexible integration with other Azure services, IT administrators can leverage a wide range of built-in features to develop and deploy their applications without having to worry about database management. Azure Managed Databases service also helps automate tasks to ensure high availability for seamless development and deployment of business-critical applications.

However, when it comes to large-scale deployments, it becomes essential to employ a monitoring tool that conducts regular maintenance checks over your Azure Managed Databases services to seamlessly manage and maintain database resources and prevent unnecessary application downtime and service disruptions. Additionally, it can also help you prevent paying extra for unused database resources.

Monitor all your Azure Managed Databases in a single monitoring console:

Applications Manager is a cloud monitoring tool that can keep track of a wide range of Azure services. To help database administrators keep track of their Azure database instances, Applications Manager offers monitoring support for the following Azure Managed Databases:

Azure Database for PostgreSQL monitoring

With a wide range of monitoring features, Applications Manager enables you to optimize performance to ensure higher availability of deployed applications. Applications Manager can be used to monitor both single and flexible server configurations. You can also identify the replication status of your single server—either 'Replica' or 'Master'—so that you can gain deeper performance insights into the metrics of each replication type. Keeping a close watch on your failover targets using Applications Manager can help ensure higher availability and prevent potential instances of downtime.

Graphs displaying the connection and IOPS stats of Azure database for PostgreSQL

Applications Manager has a comprehensive dashboard panel to monitor your Azure Database for PostgreSQL service where you can get an overview of how efficiently your database components are performing. You can also monitor resource utilization, network bandwidth, and other metrics to identify underutilized or overutilized resources and make adjustments accordingly. By assigning thresholds to each KPI, you can get notified every time there is a deviation from the optimal range. You can also make arrangements to optimize costs and ensure that sufficient resources are allocated.

Visit our Azure Database for PostgreSQLhelp page to learn more about the parameters monitored.

Azure Database for MySQL

When it comes to managing your Azure database for MySQL service, Applications Manager monitors performance of your flexible and replica server configurations at a granular level. Our Azure database monitoring tool makes it easier for IT admins to maintain servers that are being used for compute-workloads as they levy a huge burden on operational costs.

Replication Performance statistics of Azure Database for MySQL server

In addition, our Azure database monitor can track the performance statistics of database servers so that performance optimizations can be made to support product workloads as efficient as possible without compromising on availability. Some of the performance statistics offered by Applications Manager include server utilization, traffic flow rate, database statement executions, InnoDB performance, replication status, and more.

Azure Database for MariaDB

As Azure Database for MariaDB is widely preferred for its dynamic scalability, it becomes essential to employ a monitoring software that can handle application environments ranging from those with basic workload requirements to those with a complex dependent architecture. For such scenarios, Applications Manager has the capability to monitor the performance level of your database servers at different stages to make server management a hassle free process. Our software monitors the network traffic, server usage, and storage components of your Azure Database for MariaDB server.

Storage and backup storage statistics of Azure Database for MariaDB
SKU and Backup parameters for Azure Database for MariaDB

Azure CosmosDB

Azure CosmosDB is a highly distributed database which requires a level of precision that grants visibility into each component that can only be offered by Azure monitoring tools like Applications Manager. It helps ensure that application development to deploy happens at a faster pace without compromising on the response rate and availability.

Performance overview dashboard of Azure CosmosDB monitor
List of Azure Database for CosmosDB databases being monitored

Applications Manager has dedicated monitors that can be assigned to track the performance of APIs supported by Azure CosmosDB that include Azure table, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Gremlin. It furnishes a wide range of performance metrics ranging that are native to each database through visual graphs for quick troubleshooting.

Azure SQL Elastic Pool monitoring

Azure SQL Elastic Pool offers a seamless and cost-efficient solution for sharing resources among multiple databases within the same pool, particularly beneficial for workloads with fluctuating demands. To uphold optimal performance standards, proactive monitoring is paramount.

Applications Manager empowers you to monitor resource utilization at both the database and instance levels. By tracking sessions and storage-related metrics, it provides insights into database workloads, ensuring timely alerts when storage limits are approaching.

Monitoring Azure SQL elastic pools help you to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security, while also reducing costs and improving system reliability and user experience.

Start monitoring your Azure Databases now!

Applications Manager has all the right set of tools required to understand the performance behavior of the Managed Database services that are part of your Microsoft Azure environment. It is easy to setup, configure, and use. For more hands-on experience of our Azure database monitoring tool, download a 30-day FREE trial now!

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