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Full-stack monitoring for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a versatile cloud computing platform offering a wide array of services crucial for business operations. From hosting applications to managing data and analytics, Azure plays a pivotal role in modern IT infrastructure. However, effective Microsoft Azure monitoring is essential to ensure optimal performance and availability of services.

Relying solely on native monitoring tools, such as Azure Monitor, Azure platform logs, and Azure Diagnostics, presents several challenges for organizations managing their Microsoft Azure environments. While these tools offer valuable insights into specific aspects of the infrastructure, they often fall short in providing comprehensive visibility across hybrid or multi-cloud environments. With Applications Manager, you can seamlessly monitor the performance, availability, and health of your Azure resources from a single, centralized platform. Our real-time monitoring capabilities provide instant visibility into Azure services, allowing organizations to quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact operations.

Gain all your insights in one place

Streamline the monitoring of Azure services in hybrid environments by effortlessly tracking performance across a diverse range of Microsoft Azure service categories, including:

Compute services

Easily track critical parameters like login attempts, link latency, SQL pools, big data pools, and more with our Azure Synapse Analytics monitoring feature. Rightly scale big data pools by understanding the memory allocated for each of them and their provisioning state.


Efficiently monitor various Azure compute services, including Azure Functions, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Services, and Azure VM Scale Sets. Keep track of performance metrics like function execution count, network errors, memory faults, and more to proactively identify issues and ensure smooth Azure compute operations.


Gain holistic insight into Azure Kubernetes service stats like node pool usage, pod status, persistent volumes, container age, out of memory errors, and more. Understand the overall performance of the applications running on your Azure Kubernetes services, receive alerts when performance patterns deviate, and fix issues faster.


Get an overview of all your Azure database instances, monitor key metrics, automate tasks, and ensure high availability for seamless database operations and optimal performance.


Monitor your Azure network infrastructure resources including, application gateways, ExpressRoute, firewalls, network interface, and virtual network gateways. Additionally, gain in-depth visibility into network management and content delivery resources hosted on Azure by tracking connections, DNS zones, VNets, CDN instances, WAF requests, endpoint health status, and more.


Eliminate any threats affecting the durability, availability, or scalability of your Microsoft Azure Standard and Premium Storage accounts by tracking vital stats of your blobs, tables, files, queues, and tables.

Wireless LAN controller

Manage wireless networks from the top down by monitoring wireless LAN controllers devices. OpManager helps you monitor WLC health, connected users, traffic utilization, SSIDs, rogue SSIDs, and access point health.

Wireless access point

Monitor the health and availability of each access point in your wireless network. Keep track of access point health, signal strength, configuration changes and more.

Cisco Meraki controller

Get complete visibility into your Cisco Meraki infrastructure including Meraki radios, Meraki switches, Meraki firewalls, Meraki vision, and Meraki gateway. You can also monitor the network performance of distributed Meraki wireless networks.

Wireless LAN Controller
Wireless Access Point
Cisco Meraki Controller

Monitor voice over IP (VoIP) calls by synthesizing traffic using Cisco IPSLA technology. OpManager monitors call quality metrics like jitter, mean opinion score, and latency and alerts you when your thresholds get violated. OpManager also features VoIP reports to track and visualize VoIP performance.


OpManager can monitor WAN performance using Cisco IPSLA technology. OpManager synthesizes traffic between two links in the WAN and monitors key metrics like round-trip time and availability. This aids IT teams in maintaining SLA terms.

Cisco ACI

Discover and monitor Cisco ACI SDN network topology, tenants, fabrics and endpoint groups with health score, uptime, and topology maps.


Monitor the performance of your RAID arrays, disks, logical storage units with metrics like throughput, capacity, and traffic usage. You can also monitor the physical health of your storage disks and port status.

Virtual servers

OpManager features an extensive list of metrics to monitor virtual hosts, servers, and data stores from popular vendors like VMware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, and Xen.

Cisco ACI
Virtual Servers

Accelerate your Azure cloud migrations

Streamline your Azure cloud migration strategy by gaining necessary insights into your current infrastructure, application dependencies, and performance metrics. Applications Manager will help you:


Get started monitoring quickly by discovering all the hosts, processes, applications, and services running within your Microsoft Azure environment. Understand dependencies, establish relationships between them, and assess the overall health and impact potential of resources.


Develop your migration plan and determine which migration approach suits each workload. Establish and track key performance metrics, like response time, throughput, resource utilization, and more, to measure success.

Migrate and monitor

Get complete visibility into your hybrid cloud environment before, during, and after migration to Azure. Monitor resource provisioning, backup, and recovery details; address any performance bottlenecks; and ensure data integrity and continuity during migration. Ensure benchmarks are met by monitoring your Azure services side by side.

Proactively diagnose and fix issues across your Azure cloud infrastructure before they affect your business. Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure monitoring tool will allow you to:

  • Accelerate problem identification and resolution with automated anomaly detection.
  • Receive instant alerts for any issues with Azure workloads, like performance problems or heavy traffic. Get notified via multiple channels of your choice, including Slack, email, SMS, and more.
  • Monitor Azure resources to identify the source of problems through advanced root cause analysis. Automatically start, stop, or restart your Azure cloud services in the event of an alarm.
  • Resolve errors swiftly by automating corrective actions via web hooks for external tasks or automatic rollbacks. Integrate seamlessly with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow or ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus for advanced incident management.

Troubleshoot Azure performance issues quickly

Turn data into action

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your Microsoft Azure cloud services by leveraging the data collected to derive actionable insights.

  • Utilize our ML-enabled forecast reports to identify growth and utilization trends, to ensure optimal resource allocation, and mitigate potential bottlenecks.
  • Access real-time performance data for your Azure services through our comprehensive reports. Enhance collaboration and productivity by customizing dashboards and sharing them with key stakeholders.

Stay informed about your current expenses and whether they're meeting your financial goals with our Azure billing feature.

  • Assess your current expenses and predict for the month ahead.
  • Visualize and understand your spending patterns by grouping them based on services, resource groups, and regions.
  • Stay on top of your budget and receive instant alerts when the spend thresholds are exceeded.

Take charge of your Azure spending and avoid surprises

Simplify Microsoft Azure performance monitoring with Applications Manager 

Obtain a comprehensive view of your Microsoft ecosystem 

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