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Service Packs

Download Service Pack for Release 12.4

This service pack will enable customers already using Applications Manager (build #8010 & above) or APM Plugin (build #11010 & above) to upgrade to our latest version. Get to know more about the latest features, enhancements and issues fixed in the release notes.

If you are new to Applications Manager, you can directly download the Full Build. [How can I find my build number?]

Who should upgrade? Upgrade path to latest build Steps | Troubleshooting
Customers using Build No. 11040 & above - Download Service Pack 12.4 and move to build #12420 Upgrade Guide
Customers using Build No. 10030 to 11030 - Download Service Pack 11.0 and move to build #11040
- Download Service Pack 12.4 and move to build #12420
Upgrade Guide
Customers using Build No. 8010 to 10020 - Download Service Pack 10.0 and move to build #10031
- Download Service Pack 11.0 and move to build #11040
- Download Service Pack 12.4 and move to build #12420
Upgrade Guide

If you are using a build earlier than 8010, contact appmanager-support@manageengine.com to install the service pack. You can also get the latest news about our upcoming features, upgrades, service packs and hot fixes by following our Twitter handle.

Step 1: How to locate my build number?
Step 2: Instructions to Apply the Service Pack: Follow the below steps one by one, do not skip any steps).
Note :
  • < Applications Manager Home > refers to the directory in which you have installed the Applications Manager product. This directory location is specified by you when you install the product.
  • For Enterprise edition setup, follow same steps in all Applications Manager instances (you can upgrade Admin node first, followed by Managed nodes).

Need Help?

Want help with upgrading to the latest version of Applications Manager? Please email us at appmanager-support@manageengine.com

Request 30-day Evaluation License for Add-ons

If you'd like to evaluate our add-ons, please fill in the form and send to us. Request for Add-ons Evaluation License

This form is only for users who have a Registered License and want to try out any add-on before they make a purchase. Evaluation users already have all 'add-ons' turned on by default. Free edition users who want to evaluate and then make a purchase can also submit their requests here.

End of Support - Product Support Life Cycle Information

We recommend users to switch to the latest version of Applications Manager. Check out our Product Support Life Cycle Information page to know which older versions of Applications Manager we no longer provide support for.

Customer Speaks
"We've been using Applications Manager to effectively monitor our business-critical applications and servers and the value we get is tremendous. We no longer have to wait for a call from our customers to alert us to a problem with our applications; Applications Manager consistently provides us early warnings of problems before they become severe enough to impact our customers."
-Slavek Jurkowski
Sr. Systems Engineer
Voyager Learning

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