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Endpoint Central Customer Video - John Russer "Endpoint Central helped us in deploying software applications that resulted in focusing on other important tasks."

-John Rosser, MIS Manager, Yale Chase Equipment Services
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Chelsa Carter "We look at any laptops and desktops that are four to five years old and pull information with Endpoint Central asset management and bring that notification to the corporate standpoint."

-Chelsa Carter, Supervisor, Bird Construction
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Jean Clarke "Endpoint Central has allowed us to mitigate some of the vulnerabilities that are found in third party applications by pushing latest patches to the Desktops."

-Damon Slocumb, IT Security Administrator, Chicopee Savings Bank
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Jean Clarke "With Endpoint Central, I have completely automated patch management for applications such as Adobe, iTunes, etc. If I do this tasks manually, it takes 15 minutes per application but Endpoint Central helped us in saving time and labor fees by simplifying operations."

-Jean Clarke, Sr Infrastructure Design Administrator, Gainesville Regional Utilities
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Ruben Guzman "Endpoint Central help us to manage assets, deploy patches, and deploy software application, which we use religiously and all these features available in single package was a good fit for us."

-Ruben Guzman, IT Manager, Pacer International
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Dennis Milich " For us the big gain with Endpoint Central was the time it took to install and ease-of-use versus the other products we were using earlier."

-Dennis Milich, Senior IT Systems Specialist, King County Judicial Administration
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Shawn Buchanan "Endpoint Central makes thing more efficient for our 1700 systems, it alleviated issue of software deployment by automating the installation. Endpoint Central definitely saves lot of time."

-Shawn Buchanan, Desktop Support Manager, Denton County
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Donald Stewart "Remote capability in Endpoint Central was a real plus, it helps us to reach our three physically located sites across the nation to perform desktop management tasks."

-Donald Stewart, IT Manager, Crest Industries
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Andy Mack " Installing applications to the corresponding user device with Endpoint Central made my work Easy. Endpoint Central is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and easy- to-train on software".

-Andy Mack, IT Director, Arc Ventura County
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Jason Beckett "Its either a 9 or 10 (Out of 10). We have evaluated other products and the features are all similar, but the afford-ability makes Endpoint Central better than the competitors."

- Jason Beckett, Enterprise System Administrators, Prime Healthcare Services
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Otis A.Wade "one of the things that we struggled with is, vulnerability management. Being able to have a product like Endpoint Central, seeing exactly which workstation needs what patches and the ability to schedule when those patches can be deployed."

- Otis A.Wade, Director, Management Information Systems, Three Rivers Casino and Hotel
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Ragid P.Kader "Deployment of Microsoft Office in our environment was a biggest success."

- Ragid P.Kader, Windows System Administrator, Qatar Gas Transport Company
Endpoint Central Customer Video -  Chris Casale "..from the Get quotes, it exceeded my expectations and just literally from the first week on installing the product it exceeded everything that I thought it would do..."

- Chris Casale, IT Manager, JJ Taylor
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Ahmed Saeed Assadi "Endpoint Central is a fantastic application, It not about getting a mediocre support or response but getting the job done. A mail from ManageEngine brightened up my day."

- Ahmed Saeed Assadi, IT Manager, Qatar Aeronautical College
Endpoint Central Customer Video - Ashwani Ram "I love Endpoint central. It took me a minute to generate the report with specifics like particular system, last user logon."

- Ashwani Ram, Technical Services Manager, Provet IT ltd
"PacknStack manages its entire endpoint environment with Endpoint Central "

- Chris Pieters, IT infrastructure manager
"Endpoint Central is a timesaver for the City of Shafter "

- Johnny Rubio, IT specialist
"March of Dimes Canada's IT marches to a new drum with Endpoint Central "

- Arthur Lulu, IT manager
"Using Endpoint Central, we are able to automate the patching process, keeping track of assets, etc. With Endpoint Central, we are able to reduce a lot of time for my staff"

- Desmond Fenty, IT manager
"Comdain Infrastructure: Endpoint Central is “reliable, efficient, and user-friendly” "

- Gaurav Majumdar, Head - IT Infrastructure and Support
"ManageEngine helps a community healthcare organization from New Jersey save lives. "

- Jean Charles, IT Manager
"Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care simplifies routine IT management tasks. "

- Devin Palomo, System Administrator
"St. Joseph's Health overcomes deployment challenges using Endpoint Central. "

- Peter Daoud, Client Service Technician
"ManageEngine helps streamline and integrate IT management functionalities at Lifeways "

- Andy Pitcher, Group Infrastructure Manager
"Global Aviation Logistics uses ManageEngine Endpoint Central for its desktop management requirements. "

- Ryan Serrano,Infrastructure Engineer, Global Aviation Logistics