Why Should Desktop Central Folder be excluded from Anti-Virus Scanning?

This document explains you the impacts caused by anti-virus solution while scanning Desktop Central's folder. Desktop Central and its dependent folders like Distribution Server, Desktop Central Agent needs to be excluded from the anti-virus scan to ensure hassle free functioning. Desktop Central performs various operations like downloading patch binaries, creating .xml files, .7zip files, extracting them and performs various tasks by executing scripts, .bat files and .exe files . Anti- Virus solutions in general block, these functions. The following are the impacts, which might happen when the anti-virus blocks Desktop Central's functions:

  1. Desktop Central Agent upgradation might fail
  2. You will not be able to upgrade Desktop Central to a later version
  3. Patch Download/Deployment might fail
  4. Scheduled database backup might fail
  5. Creation/extraction of .7zip files might be affected
  6. Chat transcripts might fail
  7. Remote shutdown might fail
  8. You might not be able to invoke System Manager
  9. You might not be able to view "Announcements" brodcasted by Desktop Central

Excluding all the specific .exe/bat files is more complex because it keeps changing over a period of time. So Desktop Central folders can be added to the exclusion list. In such cases, ensure that you need to exclude the following folders respectively.

Note: You should also make sure, that every time you update/upgrade your anti-virus, the exception policy that you have created is not overwritten.

Here are the list of folders, which needs to be excluded:

  • Agent computers - DesktopCentral_Agent
  • Desktop Central Server - DesktopCentral_Server
  • Desktop Central Distribution Server- DesktopCentral_DistributionServer

Every anti-virus has its own exclusion policy and method. For example, you can refer to this document, where you can find the steps to exclude Desktop Central folder from Symantec End Point Solution.

Check if you have excluded Desktop Central from Antivirus by referring this article.