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Endpoint Analytics with Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central provides real time insights on your endpoint's performance metrics. These insights can be used to monitor and manage your endpoints proactively thereby improving the quality of your endpoint's experience and reducing the downtime of the endpoints.

How does Endpoint Analytics work?

Endpoint Central will collect real time events from your endpoints and post it to the central server. The data collected will be analyzed in the form of metrics configured to determine the experience and performance of your endpoints. Endpoint Central will refine the telemetry data and share insights on how to fix the device performance issues reported. The metrics analyzed here will be used to calculate the score of the endpoint's experience and report the quality of the same. In addition, a baseline score will have to be configured for your network. When the endpoint's score falls below the baseline score, it indicates that the endpoint's experience needs immediate attention. If you don't have this activated, enable it under Admin > Endpoint Intelligence.

How to configure the performance metrics?

To configure the rules, navigate to Endpoint Intelligence > Settings and customize the metrics available. Two types of metrics will be available:

  • Hardware Performance Indicators
  • Application Performance Indicators

Under Hardware Performance Indicators, the below listed configurations will be available:

  • Free Disk Space
  • Free Disk Space (OS Drive)
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Battery Health
  • Warranty
  • Device Age

Under Application Performance Indicators, application crash details will be available. IT administrators will be provided with the applications running in their managed network, from which they can pick the applications for continuous monitoring. The details of these metrics will be posted to the central server regularly through telemetry.

What is Endpoint Experience Scoring?

Endpoint Experience Score is an indicator of the quality of your endpoint's experience. The score will be calculated based on the status of the metrics. For example, when a rule is configured to calculate the score based on free disk space less than 10 GB, the score will be reduced when the free disk space falls below 10 GB. Likewise, the score will be calculated based on all the hardware indicators and application crashes.
The score can be calculated on the network level as well as endpoint level. To view the events reported for a particular endpoint, navigate to Endpoint Intelligence > Devices and select a device.

What is Baseline Scoring?

Baseline score is the minimum score assigned to your endpoint network. When the endpoint experience' score falls below the baseline score, it is an indication of an unhealthy experience. IT administrators can configure this baseline for their network based on the business requirements.

How to resolve an issue?

To resolve an issue for a particular endpoint, navigate to Endpoint Intelligence > Devices, select a device and trigger the Action button to resolve the issue. In addition, Endpoint Central will prompt you with you suggestions and recommendations to solve certain issues.

Endpoint Analytics is available as part of an early access program in the Endpoint Central cloud.