Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine) products are capable of managing an extremely broad range of enterprise endpoints.

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"Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine) supports management of an
extremely broad range of enterprise endpoints."

The way businesses operate has been redefined by the rapid rise in the number and diversity of endpoints used in enterprises. As market focus has shifted from client management tools and endpoint mobility management to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine) has continuously updated its endpoint management solution Endpoint Central to help customers prepare for the next generation of digital innovation. This year IDC recognized an increase in our capabilities, with an emphasis on our ability to manage multiple device types, including a broad range of IoT and single-purpose devices.

    According to the UEM report, the key measures of success for UEM software include:

  • Core support for key PC operating systems.
  • Unified console and management interfaces.
  • Strong portfolio of adjacent and complementary IT products, services, and solutions.
  • PC and mobile application management functionality.
  • Scalability and cloud-based delivery capabilities.
  • Flexible or user-centric pricing models.
  • Support organizations built for UEM.

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