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Endpoint Central's scalable architecture is an exponential derivative of the existing Endpoint Central architecture. With a growing number of endpoints, the efficiency of endpoint management tends to become tedious. Irrespective of how fast you scale your business, this architecture will ensure 360-degree visibility into your IT while you focus on business growth.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Scalable Architecture

1Manage more than 25,000 devices across multiple locations
2Get in-depth insight into your enterprise IT
3 Use autonomous IT operations to manage endpoints

IT admins can manage devices with complete liberty over their accessible locations with a Probe Server, supervised by their chief personnel using the Summary Server.

Advantages of using a Scalable Architecture

Meet your endpoint management needs as you upscale your IT

When an enterprise scales up, its endpoints are bound to spread out across geographic locations. Managing this widespread network can be a nightmare. However, Endpoint Central's Summary Server can help manage IT devices anywhere in the world. This architecture comes with a centralized console that provides a centralized and a comprehensive view of your IT.

Gain extensive visibility into your IT

IT operations teams can easily manage their IT with a customized Endpoint Central server called a Probe Server, which provides a super-powered dashboard and an X-ray view of the network. Sit back and relax while Endpoint Central manages your IT infrastructure.

Enable autonomous IT management

IT admins and technicians can manage multiple IT clusters with this architecture. Create independent ecosystems to stay in touch with IT devices. Empower IT admins and C-level executives with an automated reporting workflow, reducing server loads and improving productivity.

How does Endpoint Central's Scalable Architecture work?

Engineered with a Summary Server and Probe Servers, you can now use this edition to monitor and manage your endpoints across the globe to bolster your ROI.

Summary Server

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What is the maximum number of endpoints that can be managed with this architecture?

You can manage an infinite number of endpoints with this architecture. Every Probe Server can manage up to 25,000 devices. However, a Summary Server can manage any number of probes.

Do you provide a free trial for this license edition?

Yes, a 30 day free trial is applicable for this architecture.

What are all the operating systems supported for the Summary Server and Probe Servers?

Both the Summary Server and Probe Servers can be mounted only on a Windows or Windows Server operating system. However, you can manage devices running on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Does this edition support help desk integrations?

Yes, you can integrate with help desk solutions that are supported by Endpoint Central. You can also integrate individual Probe Servers with help desk software.

Unified Endpoint Management and Security Solution