MS SQL Server Audit Event: 24024

MS SQL Server Auditing Tool

Databases are critical to enterprises because they store confidential data. Hence it becomes important to monitor database logs. But manually auditing them is a herculean task because of the enormous amount of log data generated. ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer is a comprehensive log management tool that makes it easy for you to monitor all database activities, audit user accesses, track database server account changes, and ensure integrity of confidential data stored, especially in your MS SQL server database.

SQL » 24024: Issued database backup command

24024: Issued database backup command

Enterprises store confidential information in databases, especially data related to customers. Protecting this confidential data from internal threats is as important as safeguarding the information from external attacks. A malicious insider, who has not yet been denied access to an important database, might make use of the security loopholes to back up the entire database in their desired system. So, it's essential for security administrators to keep an eye on such unauthorized backups by monitoring specific events in the SQL server. Event 24024 occurs when a command to backup a database in an SQL server has been issued. It is generated by the BACKUP_RESTORE_GROUP action group. Important information can be derived from this event including the:

  • Date and time at which backup occurred.
  • Session identifier of the event.
  • Privileged user who performed the action.
  • Database that is involved in the back up.