MS SQL Server Audit Event: 24007

SQL » 24007: Change password failed

24007: Change password failed

Event 24007 occurs when a user's attempt to change another user's SQL server login password fails. Usually, events 24006 and 24007 occur when a privileged user (administrator) tries to change the password of other users. One instance where the administrator's attempt to change another user's password might fail is when the new password the administrator enters fails to meet the complexity requirements. Repeated attempts to set a less secure password can be identified by continuous occurrence of event 24007, therefore it should be investigated to detect a potential insider attack. Action groups consist of all the relevant events together, making it easy for an administrator to identify an event's type just by looking at its action group. This event is generated by the LOGIN_CHANGE_PASSWORD_GROUP action group. This event includes important information, like the:

  • Date and time at which the failed password change occurred.
  • Session identifier of the event.
  • Privileged user who performed the action.
  • ID, name, and type of the target object (in this case, the SQL server login).

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