ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer - Bandwidth management made easy

NetFlow Analyzer is a standalone network traffic monitoring software that uses flow-technologies supported by multiple vendors including Cisco, Juniper, and HP. It provides real-time visibility into the network traffic patterns and bandwidth consumption by interfaces, applications, and hosts. With more than 300 pre-defined applications and protocols, it helps IT administrators identify traffic usage by bandwidth intensive apps, and prevents the network from congestion.

Here are a few of our standout features:

  • Built-in templates to start exporting flows from the GUI.
  • Simplified standalone network traffic analysis tool model.
  • Security analytics reporting with network anomaly detection utilizing the Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) with alerts.
  • Ability to monitor devices that don't support flow with NetFlow Generator.
  • Capacity planning and bandwidth usage-based billing reports for charge back.
  • Seamlessly integrates with network configuration management, applications performance management, IP address and switch port management solutions.
  • Ability to monitor and manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and virtual private clouds (VPCs) in your network.

Third-party evaluations – See how NetFlow Analyzer is rated in the market!

Here's a consolidated report based on the evaluation by third-party vendors. Take a look at how users have rated NetFlow Analyzer!

Evaluation By
NetFlow Analyzer
SolarWinds NTA
Product capability
Evaluation and contracting
Service and support

Licensing - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer vs. SolarWinds NTA

NetFlow Analyzer provides an interface-based licensing model that starts at $595 for 10 interfaces. SolarWinds NTA follows an element-based licensing model where one element equals one interface. SolarWinds starts at $1,945 for 100 elements and does not offer smaller interface packs. In addition to the base cost, unlike ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, SolarWinds NTA is not offered as a standalone product, and requires the installation of SolarWinds NPM which starts at $2,995 for 100 elements.

Feature comparison - How is ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer a better alternative to SolarWinds NTA?

NetFlow Analyzer
Solarwinds NTA
Standalone version
Yes, NetFlow Analyzer is a standalone tool.
SolarWinds NTA requires installation of SolarWinds NPM and cannot function on its own.
Support for Linux OS platform
Yes, NetFlow Analyzer works on both Windows and Linux platforms.
SolarWinds NTA only runs on the Windows platform.
Anomaly detection
Yes, with the ASAM, NetFlow Analyzer helps identify network anomalies and threats using Continuous Stream Mining Engine technology.
Not available
Raw data storage
Yes, for a maximum of one month.
Not available
Custom Report Profiles
Yes, NetFlow Analyzer enables you to create custom report profiles for important reports.
Not available
Capacity planning
Yes, NetFlow Analyzer helps you make informed decisions on your bandwidth usage and application growth trends with Capacity Planning reports.
Not available
Yes, you can generate on-demand billing for accounting and departmental chargebacks with NetFlow Analyzer's Billing report.
Not available
Integration with ServiceNow
Yes, NetFlow Analyzer seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow to help auto-generate tickets for help desk products, like ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus when an alert is generated.
Not available
Notification templates
Yes, with NetFlow Analyzer you can create and manage custom Notification Templates to receive email and SMS alerts, chat notifications, web alarms, log tickets, SNMP traps, trap profiles, and syslog profiles.
Only email templates are available.
Application forecast
Yes, you can predict application usage and plan bandwidth needs with NetFlow Analyzer's Application Forecast report.
Not available