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Network traffic analysis with NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer, web-based network traffic analysis software, uses flow data such as NetFlow from Cisco devices along with other flow data including sFlow, J-Flow, IP FIX and more, and stores them for analyzing and generating traffic reports. In simple terms, NetFlow Analyzer collects flow information, correlates it, and presents the traffic statistics in an easy-to-understand format. It offers real-time traffic graphs and reports to keep you up to date about your traffic behavior and bandwidth usage by applications, users, and their conversations.

How to analyze network traffic

With NetFlow Analyzer you can monitor network traffic at an interface-specific level with one-minute granularity. The selectable graph allows you to zoom in on the spikes. NetFlow Analyzer also shows data points, which give details on the traffic IN and traffic OUT, such as speed, volume, packets, and utilization of the total amount of bandwidth.

Not only can you view reports ranging from the last hour to the last quarter, the network traffic analysis solution also allows you to custom select the time period for which you want to view network traffic reports. The reports can be exported as CSV or PDF as needed. These reports can be quite useful when you're presenting to top management.

NetFlow Analyzer is a simple, unified network traffic analysis tool that is easy to deploy and start working with. You can install NetFlow Analyzer on a Windows or Linux machine and use just a web browser to access the client interface. After installing, export NetFlow data for Cisco routers and switches or any other supported flows to NetFlow Analyzer. Within minutes, detailed network traffic analysis graphs will be plotted based on your organization's specific network traffic, and reports will be automatically generated.

Identify the top talkers in network from the dashboard

As soon as NetFlow data is received, graphs are generated showing details on incoming and outgoing traffic on the link for the last 10 minutes. From the NetFlow Analyzer Dashboard, you can identify which interface, applications, users, ports and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth. The NetFlow Analyzer Dashboard allows you to add new widgets and customize them to get a glance at the top-priority information that you want to focus on in your network.

Network Traffic Analysis - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Generate real-time traffic reports and closely monitor the monthly traffic trend

You can start analyzing your traffic data using intuitive bandwidth reports in Netflow Analyzer, our network traffic analyzer. Consolidated reports show you overall traffic statistics for each WAN link. Using this network traffic analysis system, you can view current traffic patterns along with details on hosts, applications, and conversations generating traffic. You can also analyze network traffic trends to identify peak usage hours, link utilization metrics, and more. NetFlow Analyzer also performs in-depth network packet analysis to give you a holistic view of application usage, protocol usage, and other utilization trends.

Network Traffic Analysis Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Helps fix problems faster with conversation details

Incoming and outgoing traffic is analyzed to find the top applications generating traffic on the network. From here, you can drill down to see the top hosts and conversations for each application that is listed.

Network Traffic Analyzer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Detect any internal or external security threats in the network

Before categorizing an event or suspicious activity as an attack, there may be some unusual behaviour in your network that can help you determine whether the activity is authentic or malicious. Analyze your network with security reports to closely follow unusual behavior and categorize it as either malformed TCP packets, invalid TOS flows, invalid Src-Dest flows, or others.

Network Traffic Analyser - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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NetFlow Analyzer provides centralized network traffic analysis for our customer's networks with more than 100 interfaces spread geographically. It enables easy troubleshooting of traffic bottlenecks and helps us in capacity planning. The information provided is user-friendly and enables us to take informed business decisions.

- Tapan D. Bhat

General Manager Head in Wipro Infotech


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Threshold based alerting

Set pre-defined threshold settings based on utilization, duration and frequency to effectively monitor your network.

Usage based billing

Ensure fair billing from your ISP. You could also use it for chargeback in your different departments

Capacity Planning report

Assess future network requirements based on capacity planning reports.

Faster Network Troubleshooting

Unearth the root cause of your network troubles and troubleshoot issues faster.

Cisco IP SLA Monitoring

Monitor critical factors affecting VoIP, Video performance and ensure best-class service levels. Ensure seamless WAN connectivity through WAN RTT monitoring.

Monitoring and reporting on Cisco CBQoS

Validate the effectiveness of your QoS policies using CBQoS reports from NetFlow Analyzer. Prioritize your network traffic accordingly.